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Wouter Cleppe despre Prima Evadare

„First Escape”, Bucharest – the fastest 58 km this year, 1st


„First Escape” (Prima evadare) is probably the biggest MTB event in the Balkans since 2044 started with the players is something I had not seen around. This competition not only in Bucharest is the biggest, but last year was the most muddy event ever, and now, in 2012, was the fastest race in HS these widths with an average speed exceeding 31 km / h! So „first escape” – an extreme race extremely good organization! Team Nomad-Merida again made great efforts to offer 2,000 fine day with adventure sports. Everything was perfect, so big thanks for that!

Now the race … After warming up with a group of Vlad Emmedue Sport (thanks for the help and for bringing the car to the finish), we were ready to line up in front of the starting lines. 5 minutes later – bam! and go. By the first turn is a pure sprint and still there were the first error. Tudor slipped and crashed badly in the bushes. I think we all took this as a warning and the rate fell slightly.

Once we got into the woods, I decided to drive slowly and moves around the 10th position. People were nervous, so it keeps the distance to avoid accidentally gets into accidents. Because of the errors of others gradually climbed to third place when we left the forest after 5 km.

Now I had to turn 180 ° in the meadows and oh, what a wind! And, of course, a counter! So nobody wanted to take a leadership position and split corridor.However this is a race. Of course, you can wait, but you are not racing to try to be the fastest? I hate these situations, so I took the lead. Well, I stood in one spot long, too long. Nobody wanted to help. So you were scared of me? Slowing the pace would be foolish because the group will become more and more people will be able to hang. I asked politely for some other help, but since nothing happened, I used the time to eat and hydrate, leaving the helm. This poker game continued until the 20th kilometer.

Here I was already angry, but at least the consolation remained that the cameras will capture well the name of my sponsor and my beautiful 29er Ram HT3.Just then, when I did not expect any help young Marius told me a few words of encouragement and attack with full force. As I was crestfallen to disappointment, for a while to notice too late … I had to dial the pedal like a maniac to touch it, but I managed.

Now within 100 meters were three – Marius, a Hungarian player of Merida and me. There was no reason to hesitate and second, to go back to the first position to help. It worked! But only I know Marius and we would do the job? Man of Merida is not included, but I had good reason – lost his only bottle and had to quickly stop the water, so it was useless to help us. So, 1 km after the control water, first it was just me and Marius. Initially I decided to be a driver and drove like crazy 40 + km / h in ten minutes. When we were out of sight of others, it’s time to work together. Marius did not hesitate and everything was perfect. Of doing it was very strong, but then traveled 45 kilometers I noticed he started to make small mistakes on the paths and assumed it starts to tire.Hastily eating and drinking, to provide energy for the last acceleration.

About 4 km before the finish we got a very uneven path and I decided to take advantage of my 29er. Stay 3 km with constant bumps and I boldly attack them. And after 1 hour and 45 minutes ride I could finish as a winner.

Wow, I was happy because after winning the most muddy edition last year proved that I was fast and dry. Now, about 4-5 hours before ceremony – an ideal time for hortuvane with friends and meeting new people, and the opportunity to try local beers restoration. ;)

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