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Communique 3-2019

Press Evadare 2019, under the scepter Gunn Ritei Dahle Flesja

After another 10 year, when we reminisce close to the largest cross-country cycling marathon (Point to Point XCP) Eastern Europe, as I did last year-anniversary edition 10 years "First Escape", first thought the competition on Sunday 19 May will head to Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja.

Presence at home has given a value greater competition taking place in forests and fields on the outskirts of Old Codri Vlăsiei. Just a few months removed from professional circuit, the reigning European champion in mountain bike marathon sample XCM, dubbed the „Mountain bike Queen”, marked this sport for over two decades and Sunday and cycling enthusiasts in the country. We were able to realize all, onsite or live transmissions, what is called "Queen of mountain bike" site. Not only because I won 10 World Cups, 9 European Championships and the gold medal at Athens Olympics, Unique world record MTB's, but charisma, courtesy and naturalness posed when going on bike, give interviews or awards competitors, as did Sunday, at the eleventh edition of "First Escapes", make it look like an uncrowned queen.

As with each edition, preparation and conduct of the contest organizers limits tested again especially as it rained every day for 2 weeks and the installation works were greatly hampered. Every year, deployment of forces is huge and everything must be prepared to the smallest detail, a competition involving over 2.000 of people. And this edition, the weather was a strong opponent who had exceeded. But feedback on the organization received from a sport he took part in the most important competitions in the world, They have made to pass accumulated fatigue weeks and even months of work.

Adrenalin, team effort and strategies for experienced athletes, entertainment and tactics to approach the course for others, sun and warmth for everyone, after so much rain, Here are the ingredients of a successful day for those who have competed. And for their supporters and fans of movement, an escape into nature that is left to outskirts of Bucharest, a transition to summer and spending time in a pleasant outdoor, Park one hot day this month that never was under threat of rain.

It was a crazy race ahead, by far the most contentious of the 11 until now. Most contests are decided in the middle path, when the shaped himself competitor, helping teammates, its increased steadily advance. Now things were quite different. On entering the forest, first 15 finishers at that time were wrong turn, They are surpassed by a large group of followers! Resumed overruns, and Stan, after 9 mileage, Three groups were formed about 10 cyclists each, which have been preserved until the end. First, composed mostly of the Elite Male, second the rest of Elite competitors and those who fought for the leading positions in key categories for male and race, and a third, led by former professional cyclists Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja Alex Hammer, with Timothy Păcurar Marin Marian Nomad Merida CST. There followed several sprints and escape attempt, However platoon wiped out or teammates of favorites. With 2-3 km before the final, Raul Sinz (Carcover) He managed to go ahead, on a more technical trail and win, taking advantage of the fact that Ede Molnar (Dinamo BikeXpert), winner now 3 years First Escape, He made up to level crossing at the entrance to the last kilometer. Place 3 Polish MTB champion lies Dariusz Batek (CST 7R), which was somehow favorite, Given his record. But that did not know the route so well was a disadvantage. Team had 3 ranked in the top 7! It was a fantastic race, average speed of the first 10 being 32,5 km/h, and the difference between them of less than one minute, with last year's winner, Alex Stancu (Dinamo BikeXpert), finishing this platoon!

An important indication for future young Patrick Pescaru (NoMad Merida CST), that just 17 years spent the race in the top group, winning the second consecutive Male category 15-19 years and ending place 7 the General. Elite Women, dressed in white stars of European champion, Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja He has passed a victory in record unmatched by any sport, earning well with the advance 10 minutes to the winner of the last two editions, Suzanne Hilbert (NoMad Merida CST). The podium was completed by fellow club, Salome Bondor. Awarded for the first time, Off-road Renault Challenge prize for best technical rider on a stretch of track about 2 km, segment which included the famous "crocodile", I went to Vlad Dobre (NoMad Merida CST).

There are some riders who have won in the category for years competed. Gyorgy Levente be imposed 8 or to Male 40-49 de ani, every time since this category was introduced in contest. Sunday, experienced problems, and victory and he recovered Romulus Vestemean (Magura Cisnădie). First winner I Escapes, Daniel Marius Roşioru (PlayBike), He managed to win a third straight Male category 30-39 de ani. With 7 race titles, Stephen Carrot absent for medical reasons. Even so sent a public message on Facebook that will return next year to recover title :). The fight for the podium was very close category, with 3 leadership changes in recent 7 km, Constantin Dumitrana (Evergreen) ultimately defeating. the Tandem, after two consecutive wins, Gabriel Catalin Neagu lose first place in front of Botond Edit and Toke.
Cora Baltes (Scott Faresin) retains title to Female Amateur Open. La fel, Luke and Paul Bodareu (Cycling Calarasi) the Family 9-14 year, Cecilia parent and child and the couple Dalvaru Florin Cocle.
A change places was between Renault and Vodafone, first defeating this year's Enterprises. After 4 wins by Alin Toader Marian Frunzeanu the Family 9-14 year, relative and child, Avram Andrei Alexandru (MTB Academy) were the first winners. Other winners for the first time: Tudor Alexandru and Adrian Vlad (Family 4-8 year, parent and child), Ciprian Comisani (Dinamo BikeXpert) to Male 20-29 years and Norwegian Esben Rod (Euxin) male over 50 de ani.

It's already a tradition that innovation must be present at "First Escape". Even now there have also been offering personalized photo album made time and place occupied by sms, immediately after the end of the race, each participant. For the third consecutive year, race and award ceremony were live broadcast in Olympic Facebook accounts, Youtube and Instagram the competition. There were 10 Fixed cameras 3 locations: on departure, route and Arrival, But and 4 rooms Mobile: an electric bicycle platoon leader, the opening two cars and one of the two helicopters. Daniel Osmanov took the pulse of starters and then helped "Memo" Sebastian Vrânceanu commenting race. Cristian "Zup" Damian ensured the arrival of the environmental review Astoria Complex in Snagov, then, with Memo, supported Ceremony. Interviews were both Start, and finishers, and traditional broadcast live on Facebook in the days before the race, the entry of competitors and Gunn-Rita Dahle after arriving in the country Flesja. And with supporters and fans, Balasa Percussion Group and encouraged toughest competitors on portions of route and Arrival.

All those who passed the finish line were awarded with diplomas, shirts and medals, received hot meals and drinks moisturizing, fruit Kaufland, They were able to wash and clean their bikes wash area that had 20 points Washing offered by Karcher Romania. On the way there were several points of food and hydration, solving small technical problems and buses to Check for return competitors in Bucharest. The race was monitored by organizers, using 300 volunteers, two helicopters, intervention vehicles, Police and emergency crews. winners of 15 competition categories received cash prizes and related products range, and all competitors, medals, shirts and prizes surprise sweepstakes entry and a generous kit. And in the days preceding the race they were awarded numerous prizes from contests organized on the Facebook account of competition.
State institutions began to be represented even contest both contestants participating in the Brigade Road and from Ilfov County Council.

Halls located along the route have involved them more, each of which could. Maybe so, This year is the spectacular medals each locality name-through.


An de an, route which runs the competition and adjacent roads were improved, paved and mostly level. Before every competition they are cleaned, marked and maintained, motion can be used all year. In this edition, because rainfall this spring, route was chosen specifically designed for difficult times, comprising 20% dirt roads and 80% landscaped trails. Compared to classic, it replaces an area of ​​several kilometers with mud, another little shorter, with cobblestone paths, grass and asphalt. And now it has respected tradition and there was a motorcycle opener, Adrian Răduţă, Multiple international and national champion in motocross.

The event was organized by Nomad Multisport Club and was backed by the traditional partners Renault, Kaufland, Merida, CST, Karcher, CARO City Resort, Nivea Men and friends from RedBull.

For further details you can access www.primaevadare.ro.

Doina Țiței, Nomad Sports Club Multisport

Email: info@nomadmultisport.ro



  • route - 50 of kilometri
  • registered competitors - 2.582
  • number of participants registered - 296
  • number of competitors over 50 years enrolled - 121
  • age of the youngest participant - 4 year
  • number of children under 15 years enrolled - 255
  • competing couples entered - 33
  • competition categories - 15
  • awards over 8.000 euro
  • award winner: 1.800 Lei
  • legitimated athletes prize (7 competitors): 6.500 Lei
  • 4 food and water points on the route and Arrival
  • number of volunteers - 300
  • 6 Emergency crews
  • 18 police crews
  • 1 Helicopter shooting, filming and stroke monitoring
  • 6 hour live broadcast of the event
  • 20 Photographers officials
  • competing transport services / Bicycle (Check the area of ​​the Start) – 15 buses
  • 22 km had to go younger children 9 year
  • timing of 5 laps
  • shirts "Top 100", offered the best 100 competitors
  • medals cast in metal "Top 500", offered first 500 competitors
  • Shirts, enrollment kits and medals for participants - 2.582.



Statements "First Escape" 2019

Raul Sinz, winner "First Escape" 2019

It was a very fast race. Nobody could detach sprint squad. the final, It was a technical part with mud and there we made a difference. Being without risers, like a road race. It is a very important victory because it's a highly publicized race. It was my first participation in the "First Escape". I like to walk on mud. But I had mud tires. I had a few slides, but I checked and I have fallen. It was a special thing to me that I competed with a sport so great that Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja.

Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja (Ambassador Merida), winning "First Escape" 2019

It started the race with a frightening speed. Be careful. Ongoing, the front went away and found a good group that went to Check. The mud in the end was funny. You should use your skills, to be concentrated and to try to maintain balance and. The objective would be to come next year with the whole family in Transylvania Race Bike Trails. I would like to come back here. It is a race that I like, with fun. I enjoyed it. I am very happy that I was here. Thank you all!

Patrick Pescaru 17 year (NoMad Merida CST), Male category winner 15-19 year, place 7 the General

I started well in race, I always stayed in the top 5-10. With two kilometers before finally, Pole Dariusz Batek slipped a bit. Then they distanced themselves first two finishers in General. I got a flat track. I came right on the rim, but they have had two competitors. I am satisfied with the result. Who had more strength finally, a bit of luck and may well chosen tires won. There were no problems with the path. Most roads were paved, there were also loaded wheels mud. Organization, like always, Best.

Daniel Marius Roşioru (PlayBike), winner I "First Escapes", third consecutive victory in the category Male 30-39 de ani

"First Escape" is the competition reference in Romania. The organization enjoyed is the benchmark in our country.

Rod Esben (Euxin), category winner Male 50+

Working on the water transport Tulcea. I first came to this competition. For me it was very good. A beautiful race. I enjoyed it. I am very happy that I won. A very good organization. It was great that he was invited Gunn-Rita Dahle Flesja, "Regina mountain bike" site.

Alex Hammer (Wingman Giant)

The race is very spectacular. At her, meet two categories of athletes: some who do on such a path and fight to win and others who come for fun, fun, atmosphere and environment. With rain this year, emerged many technical areas route. It depends on many factors. You had to be technically, to choose the right tires, pressure them best, to know when to hold on to the net and when to shoot. That's why teams have mattered so much. The organization is always impeccable. It was a big plus bringing an athlete as high as Gunn-Rita. It's a very cool girl. I took it a long way. Clear is at another level. It can beat some routes with the best of our athletes. I do not think this is the route that would make the better qualities.

Dragos Bucurenci (communication consultant and trainer), place 221 the General, the second time the "First Escape"

The route I found it easier than now 2 year. Then I guess we walk 20% from him. Now it was up 500 the metri. I really liked. A combination of mud and pleasure pedaling. Clear gonna come. Organization – impeccable and we appreciated this year the presence of those who encouraged us on the road, which are very important. People who have applauded, who beat the drums. In addition there are many competitions and counts more than isotonic drinks. Congratulations! It seems to me to organize something impesionant. It is very good to have the combination of elite and amateur athletes because such are an inspiration and a reason for those who have this hobby to come.

Daniel Georgescu (TVR producer), place 276 the General, the eighth time the "First Escape"

It was fun, very nice. Even the last piece of dirt I can not say that scared me. Mud tires make a difference on such a route. People really seemed to have fun. Everyone seemed to like. I go to many competitions in the country, but the "First Escape" is the best organization, the best atmosphere to Start, finishers and even raise participation kits. It was great to be on the same route with the most titled MTB's sports history.


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