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Arrange to start:

This year's beach race number allocation based on the results of each of the previous years remain the number of 700. So we have to start setting the value of the best 700!

Contestants who participated in the last 2 year, those who complete the online form and paid the registration fee until 13 more 2020, now 15:00 will receive numbers in the order following the settlement value at the start of first 700 to do exactly in that order, and from 701 (including) – 3xxx is done automatically by the computer (self-arranging competitors at home after the first 700).

Read here “Program”

What does this mean?

Participants are taking the best place occupied 2018 after 2019 and it will make a ranking by allocating numbers. Take the best place busy, even if it attended one year.
Former. If you places 800 after 810, give 250 Last year there were registered and paid the fee can not be the first 700 This year in your order value.

But, that we can do this fairly and efficiently, Please complete formularul online until 13 more, now 15:00 and pay fee. Taking to the system we can assign the number as close to the experience of each. If there are errors please send an email to info@nomadmultisport.ro

The calculation algorithm is used for allocations: aggregating results (busy place) of 2018 one 2019; place limits 1000 in both years.

  • Those who pay after this date (16 more) will receive start number automatically assigned by the system, which means positioning after those who filled out the form and paid on time.
  • If you have not yet attended the First Escape, but you have experience in mountain biking and want to be included in the first squad 700 la start, sunteți rugați ca until 13 from life 12:00, to pay the fee and submit proof to the info@nomadmultisport.ro your ranking in first 10% Overall standings the competitions listed below (year 2019). Noted that if the results are exceptional competitors, value may be assigned even top 100, 200.
  • Alpine Challenge, XCM (long route)
  • Bike FM Zemes, XCO
  • Campina Open MTB, XCM (long route)
  • National Championship MTB XCO Herneacova, XCO
  • Crater Cup, XCO
  • Explorer MTB Challenge, XCM (long route)
  • Explorer Somova XCO
  • Guduc MTB, XCM (long route)
  • Marathon XCM mounds Blajel, XCM (long route)
  • North MTB Marathon, XCM (long route)
  • Medias Bike Marathon, XCM (long route)
  • MTB Marathon Miercurea Ciuc, XCM (long route)
  • MoonTimeBike, XCO
  • RedBull Vampire Trails, XCO
  • Road Grand Tour Teleferic Challenge, XCM (long route)
  • Transylvania Bike Trails Race, XCM (long route)
  • Triad MTB Avrig, XCM (long route, environment)
  • Triada MTB Bike Romania (short track)
  • Triad MTB Paltinis, XCM (long route)
  • triad Paltinis, XCO
  • UMFST Bike Days, XCM / XCO
  • Vidraru Bike Challenge, XCM (long route)
Please do not insist and do not send the results to other smaller competitions or results in different categories. This is the general ranking.

See here the list of participants.

Aşezarea the Start

The settlement will be speakers from one percent, and checking will be done by officials. Please check to, back if you are enrolled correctly. Those who do not respect referees Index indications may be disqualified or penalized.

It is recommended that participants category Family to leave after firing, so as to avoid any kind of injury.

Arranging values ​​is important to avoid the pressure of the back if they want to overcome and reduce the number of possible accidents in the first part of the race.

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