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In the period 06-09 More, competition packages can be picked from Caro City Resort. Partners and sponsors 'First Escape’ joins the organization area EXPO. They can be found in products preţuri Promotional and in addition to raising the packages will be proiecții de film, workshop foto with Cristian Vasile after stand-up comedy with George Bonea. For hydration, we have 'Fresh Biclea’ where everyone can make a fresh natural, pedaling. To study the competition package, Caro City Resort open terrace 'Glucose Bar’ where you can enjoy fresh lemonade, quietly.

We recommend that come on the bike mechanic SportGuru It can adjust exchangers free; This is only available to participants 'First Escape’

We look forward to raising packages Wednesday, 06 May to Saturday, 09 May in the range 18:30 – 21:00, Wednesday Thursday and Friday, and extended hours on Saturdays, 10:30 – 16:30.

Excitement in 4K format


Amid the concept spread POV action filming, Sony has diversified its product range by two new cameras water-resistant and able to shoot in 4K format, ie Full HD. The new FDR-X1000 models and HDR-AS200 benefit from an improved optical stabilization, TEMPERATURE manual exposure control and color, as well as an intelligent filter sound. Both models are equipped with super-wide angle lens Zeiss Tessar decuprindere having an angle of 170 ° and offering a panoramic view over the shares menus around.

The FDR-X1000 allows shooting up to 120 images per second, Full HD and up to 240 images per second, HD, while the regime can record up to 4K 30 frames per second.

Both rooms have a wide range of accessories, the helmet fastening systems or smart remote WiFi bicicletăpână. This water-resistant remote control can behave like a wristwatch and allows you to check camera angles, to start / stop recording, or delete unwanted scenes, making the device easier to handle.

The new application resident Highlight Movie Maker camera selects the best images filmateşi assembles them in a summary, by a procedure quickly and automatically. In a few moments you'll be able to upload the result stored in the smartphone (MP4 format) on Facebook or YouTube.


biciclete la SportGuru.ro


Bicycle shop and specialized sports SportGuru.ro It has a portfolio of over 12000 Product 100% original competitive prices not only in our country but also in Europe.
Sports Guru, importer or authorized reseller for more than 100 brands from 26 categories: cycling, running, swimming, triathlon, tennis, box, skiing, Basketball, martial arts and other.

Because you subscribed to Press Evadare, benefit from discounts the acquisition of any article collection 2015 Category CYCLING
• the purchase of a bicycle you can choose accessories worth GIFT 10% the price of the bike
• 10% discount on accessories
• 5% discount on parts

Supply It is valid until May 15.06.2015.
Come to Expo bicla to prepare your competition so you have no care 10 more.


TOPTOOLS la Prima Evadare


Company TopTools It was founded in the year 2005 in Cluj, and it specializes in sale and rental Accessories for transportation vehicles (sistem cross bare, roof boxes, bike racks, ski racks and other accessories for transport) , having its own network with 7 offices in Cluj, Bucharest, Timisoara, Sibiu, Brasov, Targu Mures and Constanta.
It also promotes and sells SC TOPTOOLS SRL imported products and online, through the following sites: portbagajeauto.ro, inchirieriportbagaje.ro, lanturiantiderapante.com, actioncam.ro, coolcasc.ro.
Toptools company is now the most important partner of Romania's Swedish manufacturer THULE, specializing in manufacturing accessories for transport (bare, bike racks, roof boxes, etc..
Wishing to meet the clients and to diversify its offer to customers in branch sport, Toptools has enriched its portfolio with products that complement their needs: camere video sport, Sports video cameras accessories, Multifunctional carts, bags and covers specially designed for personnel with an active lifestyle.
We invite you to our stand at the exhibition FIRST ESCAPE organized during the event with the same name, starting with 6 more 2015, where you can get Discount Coupons.

YoYo Coffee

yoyo coffee


YoYo Coffee – urban şi năstruşnici, Bicycle lovers and adventure, First come this year to Escape! We're on four wheels and an espresso machine in the trunk, ready to offer coffee to stretch every event!
We like to talk about coffee, but most of us like to prepare! We have ideas for every preference: espresso, sau cappuccino caffe latte… together we find the taste that suits you!
We will be present both in the activities at Caro City Resort, at the start and at the finish line in Snagov!
We look forward to see you!



EVOLVEO is a company founded in the year 1992 in Czech Republic. Today Evolveo is a global brand electronic products for indoor and outdoor use, resistant phones and video cameras Sport, is present in the 12 countries.
Terminal range is distinguished by Evolveo Strongphone D2 after D2 Mini, Strongphone Q4 or the options range Q4S "smartphones". The phones look like after military standard, and their batteries ensure a autonomy of the pana 6 days. StrongPhone D2 are o baterie de 4500 mAh, StrongPhone D2 mini are o baterie de 3600 mAh, StrongPhone Q4 are o baterie de 2800 mAh (it can be upgraded by purchasing a battery of increased ability 4500 mAh) and not least StrongPhone Q4S version comes with a standard battery 4500 mAh included in the sales package.
Links actioncam range is distinguished by 3 models - Sportcam W7, W8 and X3, all waterproof, dust and shock and all full of specifications that anyone wants them.
But not just action Evolveo, adrenaline and outdoor. It also means outdoor, basically covers all the "mobility items". The company produces alarms and memories routers to PCs and media centers for your weekend movies. All these products you can find importers in Romania mobilityshop.ro one gsm-world.eu

Escape carefree!


Otto Velo – ensuring that helps get rid of stress that will be stolen bike – returns through intrepid cyclists, the first Escape. See you at the expo, where you will have surprises provocărişi, which allowed both awards, and good cheer!PE.Banner.205x205-2

Inspired by Otto Velo, George Bonea will enliven the courtyard Caro City Resort cu un show de stand-up comedy , with about cyclists. Also, helping us to identify the most vulnerable areas can earn a bike theft insurance for your bike theft.

Protect your bike, whether it is new or that you have some time, but not more than 6 year. In case of theft or robbery, you will get compensation without the hassle. So, you'll be able to get back on two wheels, with a minimum financial effort.

Come to booth Otto Velo if you want to know how it works and how useful is providing bicycle!

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