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Photo contest 2013

Concurs Press photo Evadare 2013





For the last year we have been successful, continuam is in 2013, Photo contest with F64.

Winning series last year you can see here.

All pictures can be found here at First Escape: facebook.com/primaevadare and centralized section foto/video from site.

Update! First Escape photo competition results and F64 are displayed here

Awards are worth 4600 Lei.

1. The best 3 Photo sets. Type photo story encompassing various aspects of competition (Join, organization, concurs etc.). You can see last year's winning series here. Images will be centralized site Press Evadare si pe Facebook to "tag" (maxim 30 Photo, minimum 20 photos that capture different moods and centered sometimes).

  • Place 1 – voucher F64 – 1000 law
  • Place 2 – voucher F64 – 700 law
  • Place 3 – voucher F64 – 500 law

2. Complete series. Places will be awarded 1, 2 one 3 photographers will most competitors shoot so all competitors can be found in as many photos.

  • Place 1 – 500 law
  • Place 2 – 400 law
  • Place 3 – 300 law

3. Best photos of the table from the start (1,2 one 3) (maxim 5 photographs)

  • Place 1 – 300 law
  • Place 2 – 200 law
  • Place 3 – 100 law

4. Sports Photos (1,2 one 3) (maxim 5 photographs)

  • Place 1 – 300 law
  • Place 2 – 200 law
  • Place 3 – 100 law

Program concurs:

poze_foto_imagini_prima _evadare

  1. Thursday 9 More now 19 workshop cu discutii, projections, suggestions of possible camera locations. The meeting will be at Lifting Contest Packages – Caro City Resort. Workshopul este sustinut de Stelian Pavalache one Mihai Stetcu the contribution of other photographers constant in the event Ciprian Mount. The organizers will be present who will present Daniel Sardan unfolding event, tell you about places and competitors.
  2. Reconnaissance is recommended before the race and set up a plan to travel during the race. The map can be found in section “route
  3. Deadline for submitted selections of photographs: 20 More (now 23:59).
  4. Announcing the Winners: 27 More.
  5. Award ceremony and exhibition opening: 5 June, now 19:30 the F64 (Address: Bd. Union, No.. 45, Bucharest).Photos will be exposed one day, following that fall to be exposed for two weeks.
  6. 2-15 September, Photo exhibition opening.
Rules for Photo Contest - First Escape:
    1. Photos should be sent to the photo[at]nomadmultisport.ro (Link to send pictures uploaded transfer) in an archive to be the best series of photographs taken by you in another folder in the same archive entire set of photos from the contest. Proposals for categories 3 one 4 to be sent in separate folders with category title.
    2. It is allowed on all 4 categories.
    3. Photos will be judged the best series and categories 3 – 4 and others will be posted and them to competitors on the facebook contest.
    4. Minimum permissible number of images the best series are 20, maxim 30.
    5. Bank names include the name of the photographer.
    6. You can prove that you are the author photos where the jury will be no doubt about the honesty and rightful owner of the photos.
    7. Send a picture archive (portrait) personal and a text file named, mail address and telephone number.
    8. Also send and checkpoints where you state (cu titlu informativ)
    9. Photos for contest NOT be less than 6Mpx. (Prince has size 30/45cm)photo: David George
    10. The photo selected for the competition is not posted the name of the photographer and any other identifying marks.
    11. Processing the images allowed: color, composition (to keep the proportion 3/2 or other native format camera), crop, contrast.
    12. Additions are not allowed objects or excessive processing.
    13. The photographer must agree to the provision of competition rules : The organizer reserves the right to use the name or the transfer by partners of the contest, any photographic material, video and audio competitors First Escape, during the development of this competition (including to the start / finish and the podium premieres). (Link regulament)

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