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Driving Digi24.2








An assembly that contains some important moments in the race 2012. To end the interview with Wouter Cleppe is the attack that broke the first platoon and led to the result that we know.


The first official assembly at First Escape 2013


Business Breakfast – Press Evadare 2013

A mountain of Florian Vilsan – not last – Press Evadare 2013

Michael Drăgănescu, traveled all the way from the first Escape the bike's niece 4 year.
Those who may have gone a little rush you saw. He wore a shirt that fits and competition “Start Small, Think Big!”
It's hard and we bow effort and nonconformity or!

Transmissions of the Digi24


TVR report

Premiere First Escape – elite male

Press Evadare 2013 premiere tandem

The descent of the first platoon – Ghica Palace

Escape and regroup at the airport

The film made the first freerider Escape 2013

Movie with funny moments from First Escape 2012, Ciprian made Mount

Pink bike shows you the way to First Escape 2013

Escape route first recognition 2013 – The video is posted on Facebook

Teaser Press Evadare 13.05.2012 (Official Video)

Filming route from www.bogdanoproiu.ro

Full assault:

Deliu Bogdan filmed and edited first short Getaway

An abstract photo / video story made the Top Ten:

A film comprising the atmosphere at the finish

Maybe you know the films of Andrei past. This time the contest ended.

Finish First Evadare – or what to expect after 55 km of former forests of Vlasiei

A few words of Wouter Cleppe after winning race.

Start First Escape 2012

To see the movie first Escape 2011, click on image below. The film takes an hour.

A movie assembled funny moments draft First Escape 2011. Mounting Ciprian Mount and footage from the First Escape.

Mounting A short video with pictures from last year.

Atmosphere from the start

The start of the route and orima music

Dads… come on! – an incredible pusti

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