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Images '10

Pictures 2010

Pictures taken by Florian Raducanu
Photo by Dan Zincenco Takei
Photo of Stan Camelia (Start/Alimentare 2 / Finish) – view runners arrived in CP8-Power 2
NEW: Photo of the Adrixnet – pictures of competition, reviews :)
NEW: Photo of Simona Katzlinger – CP6 home and foodstuffs 1 – Ghica Palace
NEW: Photos de Ştefan Uricariu
NEW: Pictures taken by Roxana Miu the Vöslauer – In special din CP6 – Feeding 1 – Ghica Palace
Pictures taken by Daniela Vasile , Dana Vasile 2(scientist 2)
Poz made by Costi Bear (Bodhi in foreground ATV overturned during the final checking of the route)
Photos taken by Constantin Pîrvu
Poze start/finish RaduP.
Pictures Giglia30
Solomon Gabriel: Start, Finish, Premiere
Pictures Ciclism.Ro
Pictures Daniel Hagiu
Photo Monalisa Basil
Radu Zincenco – CP4-Stan, All (Photo secondary task, made without proper framing, noting the priority task) You can see the order of the transition and the situation favorites.
Photo Ana-Maria Apreutesii
Photo Michael Siman
Photo Alex Bloju start/castel.Power Point Palace Ghica – transition and view order status favorites.
Photo Anka
Photo Radu Gods (cp race)
Photo Titus Antos (finish) (uploading)
Photo Mircea Solomon (start/finish)

If you want to group your pictures here, you can send links to albums or a transfer can put them in the gallery dedicated, the addresses to contact.

Reviews 2010

Green Report
MBike :)
Daniel Ruse – Radio Romania News
First seen by Alexandru Popescu Escape – Duca pain
Alin Popescu
Calm like a bomb
Narcis Virgil
Anka Berger
Adevarul 8 more
Adevarul 9 more
Radu Diaconescu
Mountain Bike Brasov
Bogdan Antohe
Matheists Laudoniu
Ciobanu aka Ana Zapacita :)
Alexandra COSL – Radio Romania News
ACOSL lexandra – Radio Romania News 2
Gabriel Solomon
Article superb in Formula AS
Alley Botesteanu
Traveler on earth
Fabian’s Blog

Video 2010

A relevant assembly made by Cristi Boca:

Start First Escape 2010 – We turned on the rain season. Film made Ana-Maria Apreutesii



NEW: Filming of CP5 made by Costi – UrsP2Roti behind Otopeni airport, km 14. You can see the first part of the competitors who did not have problems with mud.

NEW: Shooting Km 14 Costi made this time with those who were caught by the rain and had problems.

Movies of CP2 Baneasa Forest Loop – Zota and Oana

NEW: Collage Laura Magori

km 12-14, Area 12-14 or the Bermuda Triangle (Dirty). Because here have disappeared hundreds of competitors as lists of CPs. De km 13 do not say anything.

A small selection of photographs taken in edition 2009. More photos and stories from 2009…















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