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About the contest

Prima Evadare is the biggest and most popular mountain bike competition in Romania and Eastern Europe.
It is a friendly cross country cycling competition that aims to open the season of MTB marathons in a light version, without level differences.

The contest between Bucharest and Snagov forests and country roads over a distance of 55 de km.
The contest reached a maximum of 3000 of participants between 5 one 73 years of 29 de țări.
So mud is part of the fun and difficulty first Escape and you can even find it on the route wettest years.

First Escape received Award for the best organized event that promotes the movement within the galas “What Doctor”.

Marathon is accessible to almost anyone, give up recomandă training before - at least 3 outputs longer on rough terrain (forest roads, paths ...). Also, recommended greater care moisturizers, Food and minimum equipment for any cyclist (read pages Tips, regulation and newsletters that we send).

The trail is marked throughout distance, are 3 areas of supply, 12 checkpoints, Another area home and finish, assisted by police and rescue, officials patrolled the competition, team of photographers and videographers.

The route is cleaned and noted throughout the year that can be used for training and excursions.

Last but not least, the event also has an ecological component. Together with municipalities and volunteers clean as possible waste covered forests.

The organizers do, at the same time, measures to protect forests, the lakes, monuments or other natural or touristic elements on the route.

On the First Escape route you can find several historical monuments in addition to the natural ones: Mausoleum Mauriciu Blank, Fortificatia – Battery 3-4 from the fortification belt of Bucharest, Ghica Palace, the remains of the Codris and the waters of Vlăsia, etc..

The competition is organized by the Club Nomad Multisport.

By organizing this event is longer wishes:
– Encouraging a healthy lifestyle through sport outdoors, is a competition that brings together amateur and professionals in different categories.
– Information / Education Primary newcomers in the sport by presenting basics (communication during the race, orientation, equipment and supply)
– Promoting trails and forests in the north of Bucharest in a more active way than the grates;

– Bringing new items every year in terms of organization.
– Waste Clean affected areas
– Promoting competition in general and other MTB marathons in the country (See page competiții)
– A Bucharest clean and free by using bicycle;

For conditions to be fulfilled please read Regulation și advice from site. I'll detail as we approach the start.

Teaser Press Evadare 11.05.2014 (Official Video)

Teaser Press Evadare 12.05.2013 (Official Video)

Teaser Press Evadare 13.05.2012 (Official Video)

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