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The start of the contest in Bucharest and gives a distance of approximately 55km sthey walk through meadows, fields, lakes, satay, areas in the old forests of Vlăsia and historical places, arrival being on Lake Snagov.

The route also connects different historical areas/monuments such as the Battery 3-4 from the Fortification Belt of Bucharest made by King Carol. It passes through the courtyard of the Ghica Palace in Moara Vlasiei, next to the Mauriciu Blank Mausoleum in the Băneasa Forest.

The route will be better marked before the competition and we recommend it training – at least 2 outputs longer on rough terrain (forest roads or field) at the pace of the competition.

!Heads Up, the first km of the start have changed. After the Zoo, turn left as usual, then turn right faster, on the road with the cubic stone at the beginning. Then turn right next to the forester's house and on Vadul Moldovei street continue forward through the woods and the Greenfield neighborhood. For recognition there is a mesh fence that you can open and close.


You can find the approximate and training routes on nomad-trails.ro

The most likely route for good weather and which can be traveled now:

Approximate variant for less favorable weather:






Scan the QR code below, Escape route first to see the 2019 the Strava.
This year we continue working on them and cobblestone paths both the classical and in the rain so we have a permanent route, all year round, with directional markings, terminal distance and names thematic segments.
The most likely route is good weather above.

Video description of 2017 route prepared for bad weather so if you go out to choose alternatives portrivite.


Statistics paths for each type of route chosen. Basically just for bad weather 15% unpaved forest trail in 4 segments (boar – Baneasa – 1km, crocodile – 1,2km, Before CP9-700m, Last woods 5km)

As every year, Sports Club Nomad Multisport your organization on recognition, a good opportunity for riding and socializing.

Traseul Prima Evadare marcat cu banda portocalie CST

The Press Evadare I have a double standard marking: Belt and pink arrows and X's. Banda “CST” about trees confirm route, is made less where you do not have other options and immediately after the false branch. Banda Rosu / alb marked change of direction and is located on the side that will be changing direction. Arrow indicates the direction, and X-The wrong way and smoking. If you turn to the last marking error. Note how many bookmarks can be stolen once.




The first contest on Bikemap Escape Route:

Variant 3 The wet period average
(Are 50km. Excludes fort, It does not include line stone near the fort, Baloteşti CP7 includes culvert. Shorten CP8 line stone)

Standard fort ideal solution included
(includes fort, new alternative path areas look old, include podetul CP7)

Spectators, family and friends can expect some intersections with public roads: Start, CP1, CP3, CP4, CP5, CP6, CP 7, Arrival – Complex Astoria.

Variants back to avoid DN1:





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