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Instructions for beginners

Training (see page with trasee nomad and the training)

Necessary equipment recommended:

  • Bicycle: check the bike before the race that it is in good working order, chain oiled and set to competitor dimensions (EX: the saddle adjusted accordingly without being left too low “cool style de oraș” high or too high); You have to sit on his right foot when the heel on the pedal or stick with the tip slightly bent when the pedal. Here you find one video with useful tips on setting up the bike.
  • It is preferred that the cycle to be support after, even better, more water bottle holders. It is more convenient;

VIDEO: How do you prepare on the morning of the competition??

Sfaturi pentru biciclistii care participa la concursuri de MTB Prima Evadare
numar concurs prima evadare
  • Bidonul or water cans are a sports cap for quick and easy hydration; Daca ai 2 cans one you can have with water and the other with multimineral / vitamin.
  • Tools: imbusuri, leviere, petition, room, pump, maybe a changer ear;
  • Competition number (offered when picking up the registration package) attached to the handlebars of the bicycle;
  • Shell this mandatory, it must be adjusted and tested before, so that you feel comfortable. It is better to be specific to this type of competition vents, but are supported and other models;
  • Shirt we recommend a cycling jersey with back pockets for quick and easy access to bars, Tools, packaging, phone.
  • Pants preferably cycling type with protective base;
  • Glasses Dust, insects and branches;
  • Cycle computer or GPS helps you know how many miles you have to finish (there are signs along the way), and if a problem you can be located easily.
  • Pressure in roti we recommend of 1,8 bar for someone 80kg. Optional, who wants, tubeless wheels are much more comfortable (without chambers and with self-healing fluid). They have the advantage that they repair themselves by sealing with the liquid added to the rubber, they are even easier, the rubber is more malleable over bumps, allows lower and more comfortable pressures, pata de contact fiind mai mare. Însă e recomandat să nu fie facute înainte de cursă ci cu cateva zile cel putin ca sa se asigure o sigilare completă.

Being at home:

  • First 700 will sit in numerical order received (alocate conform cu rezultatele din anul precedent). First 25 sunt sportivii din categoria Elite. After the 700 next are asked to arrange according to their value.
  • At home it's good to evaluate yourself and your platoon positioned as close to your level. Dacă te vei amplasa prea în față cei din spate te vor depăși și poți fi deranjat atât fizic cât și psihic 😊
  • Manifests prudență in the first minutes of the race. There is enough time and space to establish the appropriate position for each. Evitați frânarile bruște schimbări de direcție. Aglomeratia de la start însă dă și un sentiment plăcut datorită adrenalinei 😊
  • Before depășire Make your presence felt shouting LOC!” Rather than “Wine prin stanga”, that right”. "Place" is simpler and clearer in conditions of effort and leaves the possibility for the person in front to choose where he can make room. Dacă zici și ”mulțumesc” poate rămâneți prieteni 🌞

Orientation during the race:

Sfaturi pentru biciclistii care participa la concursuri de MTB Prima Evadare
  • This type of long-distance competition has an important element orientation. You must be careful labeling. Escape At first we standardized a dual marking: cu banda, arrows and x's. Band “CST” about trees confirm route, is made less where you do not have other options and immediately after the false branch. ARROW indicates change of direction, and X-the forbidden road. The pink dots confirm the route and that you are on the right track. If you turn to the last marking error. Sometimes certain markings may be stolen. Folosește logica 😊 sau citește urmele. The most common cause of error is tracing the before and no markings. So there may be a mistake in the chain. So head up, eyes after marking, if you lose you go back to last bookmark.
  • Dacă ai scurtat traseul ești descalificat. There are reading beds and check points along the route (CP), where it is noted, photographing and filming competitors passing.

Tips escape first contest biclete (5)

Supply points:
  • The trail has some supply areas, where to find water, glucose, lemons, banana, Wafer. Feeds get enough, but leave some for others. Do not let your bike the way that some competitors will continue without stopping and accidents can happen.
  • Doar here you can leave any waste. Throwing waste on the route leads to sanction even disqualification.
  • Drink water from time to time, even if your thirsty (most important minerals are: magnesium, calcium, potasiu if sodiu). You will also find plain and isotonic water at the supply points.


Editions 2010, 2011, 2016, 2019 First of escape were spectacular muddy. (A sort of mini Paris-Rubaix in good times bad weather.) This makes the race difficult, but in the end the pictures are much more interesting and the satisfaction greater for those who finish. We help as we can and we expect everyone to final, as the heroes of that day.
Although lately November paved much of paths, in wet years, you will still not reach the final clean :). That's what the First Escape, about leaving the comfort zone, about self-improvement, and when necessary to overcome obstacles, symbolic, appeared on this route. The important thing is to get to the finish and enjoy the experience. Have extra memory, unforgettable.


  • If you fix a broken bike and continue. If you're exhausted rest, eat, Hydrate yourself and continue. If you have muddy areas, avoid them or carry your bike – It is part of the sport. If you have muscle cramps, have mineral *, bea, eat, advances at a more comfortable pace. If you drink a Red Bull wings.
  • If you can not continue the race, declared abandoned and reason through a dedicated SMS number on the back of the number of contest.
  • Some CPs have established time limit communicated before or during the race depending on the dynamics of competition, state route, weather conditions and the state of competition. Leave Commissioner race timing chip at the finish and let.
Tips escape first contest biclete (2)

Breathe, vorbeşte, smiles, Take a picture, help! Wear sunscreen!

“The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself!”


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