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Regulation ’09

  • Total distance to be traveled in time limit 5 hours.
  • Minimum age allowed to participate in Press Evadare 2009 East 18 year. Can participate and people between 14 one 18 years with the written consent of parents and their presence at enrollment.
  • Competitors will fix the serial number that was presented in front bicycle handlebars throughout the contest (even after:)
  • All bicycles used in Press Evadare 2009 must be propelled only by human force
  • Bicycles are accepted profile mtb, ciclocros if in tandem to stare buna functionare.
  • Wearing helmet is mandatory
  • Changing the important parts during competition is allowed
  • Organizers are exempt from liability if the public during the race deteriorates markings guide
  • Each participant is obliged to follow the guidance of the Commissioner of the route and police authorities. In places where they are not, reguamentele observe movement and to exercise caution.

Participants are asked, where possible to come up with Affidavit completed the inscriere.

Categories of awards:
Male, female, elite, ciclocros*

*Can participate ciclocros bike and will be separate classification if falling on the catwalk (profile at the expense of MTB) and if more than 10 athletes ciclocros
** Can participate and tandem bike

Awards will be offered by:

BikeXpert – Assport Florescu: Money and equipment
Surmont – The bike shop: cash , accessories and a Trek bike 4300 trasa the tombola
Mbike – Abonamente magazine
Beat saddle mare to understand: cycling equipment for winners + Beat Saddle Award given “by personal criteria, subjective and influenced”

To live!

Conditions that attract disqualification:

  • Failure to observe the route entirely.
  • Failure helmet during competition.
  • Choosing shortcut route.
  • Behavior devoid of Fair Play.
  • Using aid from outside competition (use of motor vehicles and motorcycles… etc.).
  • Change bike during competition
  • Abandoning packaging or other waste route.


  • Glasses (for protection against insects) and water bottle
  • Pump, room exchange or patches up.
  • Mobile Phone
  • Participants should have at least 2 outputs workout before preferred terrain.

During the competition organizers ensure:

  • information point at start and finish
  • power points at home and on the road
  • team intervention and recovery in case of accident
  • prize money and equipment, cups and medals

Organizational Changes: The organizing team reserves the right to change certain details regarding the development of competition.

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