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Concurs Foto ’12

Press Evadare 2012.

As I said in collaboration with F64 will be awarded the best 3 Photo sets. Images will be centralized site First Escape on Facebook for "tags"

Awards are worth 3000 lei in vouchere F64. Place 1 this 1500 Lei, 1000 RON place 2 one 500 RON place 3

f64Another special award will be for the full series. Will be given to the photographer who will shoot most competitors.

Rules F64 contest – Press Evadare:
    1. Photos should be sent to the photo [arond] primaevadare.ro in an archive to be the best series of photographs taken by you in another folder in the same archive entire set of photos from the contest.
    2. Photos will be judged the best of your series and others and they will be posted to competitors on Facebook Contest.
    3. Minimum permissible number of images the best series are 20, maxim 30.
    4. Bank names include the name of the photographer and the camera used.
    5. You can prove that you are the author photos where the jury will be no doubt about the honesty and rightful owner of the photos.
    6. Photo Contest winners can be present at the awards ceremony.
    7. Send a picture archive (portrait) Personal.
    8. Also send and checkpoints where you state (ca titlu informativ)
    9. Photos for contest not less than 6Mpx. (otherwise it will be printed decent expo)
    10. The photo selected for the competition is not posted the name of the photographer.
    11. Processing the images allowed: color, composition (to keep the proportion 3/2 or other native format camera), crop, contrast,
    12. Additions are not allowed objects or excessive processing.
    13. Deadline for submitted selections of photographs: 20 More.
    14. Announcing the Winners: 27 More.
    15. Award ceremony and exhibition opening: 30 More, now 19 shop F64 of Bd. Union, No.. 45.

After long deliberation in which we realize that we can not in any way that it can be more participants on the podium :( I managed to establish the first 3 those places and played pretty well covered event. Thus the best 3 sets of photos belong as follows:
1. George David

2. Ciprian Mount

3. Bogdan Mita

All sets for the competition were grouped HERE and entire albums of other photographers can see HERE

Section “the most complete series – most competitors shoot” results are the following:

1. Leontin Titel – took pictures of each contestant individually framed on a forest trail. Are grouped in 2 sets according to the order transition. Set 1; Set 2

2. Simona Smolschi – took pictures with almost all competitors la start, near the airport, sosire is the premiere one premiere set 2

3. Cristian Dutan – Picture the start, finish will premiere in urcate 3 sets (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3)

4. Catalin Fuioaga – Photos from the start and finish of a quality (Set 1, Set 2)

Were taken into account more individual frames.

For award Awards and opening of the exhibition will expect Wednesday 31 more, now 19 shop F64 of Bd. Union, No.. 45.

Photos will be on display until 8 June 2012.

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