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First Escape from 2023

First Escape from 2023 will be held on 21 more They are done 15 years since the first edition of Prima Evadare and this year's edition will take place on 21 more. Registrations are already open and we are working on the news for this year. O să vă ținem la curent și important e sa vă pregătiți sufletește și trupește adică ...

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Update First Escape 2022

Beloved, Thank you so much for the hundreds of messages and questions. For several months now, we've been trying to align things to give you some good news. Let's restart the First Escape after the pandemic. Let's send you a message with… “It holds!”, to meet again colorful, happy, many, most of them and let's get out of the city, more and more extensive, by ...

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Letter for the protection of forests in Bucharest / Ilfov – Save Codrii Vlăsiei

Beloved, the time has come for each of us to do something for the remaining forests and paths from Codrii Vlasiei, for this vast natural and historical monument, where we can always discover something interesting, for the forests closest to the house. We organized ourselves in the civic group Salvati Codrii Vlasiei which aims to protect the forests in Bucharest – Ilfov, their transformation from ...

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The Bicycle Law will reach Parliament

Because we all had more time and because it's an increasingly stressful situation, the group of those 5 associations, who started this project, together with a representative of each important party, will submit the law to the Romanian Parliament on 3 June 2020, even on the day of the bike. With us since ...

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First Escape postponed

Beloved, as suspect, given situation, First Escape postponed for a date to be communicated later, after passing over this challenge. It is difficult to announce a new date, now, when there are so many variables. It can be in the fall or spring. In order to have a place to train, we will prepare the routes, but other options, ...

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Nomad competitions calendar data

Nomad calendar 2020 It has small data changes. MoonTimeBike and Red Bull Vampire Trails moved earlier and Transylvania Trails Bike Race weekend later. First Escape stayed on weekend knew. Press Evadare – 17 more, Red Bull Vampire Trails – 11 July, Transylvania Trails Bike Race – 19-22 august, MoonTimeBike – 26 septembrie Urban Road and ...

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Escape first Romanian film promotion

Escape first Romanian film promotion, just released by the Ministry of Tourism. They included staff from the competition first Escape arguing text “Romania buzzing”. The film, usual, the most beautiful natural and architectural monuments in Romania, refers to traditions, people and legends. as a novelty, were introduced frames and texts that refer to sports and ...

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Gunn-Rita Dahle, Queen's MTB, Escape comes first

Gunn-Rita Dahle comes first Escape

Queen's MTB, Multiple world champion, European and Olympic, Gunn-Rita Dahle, comes first titrated Escape The sport of mountain biking in the world, leads the ranking of all time in World Cup 30 wins. Gunn-Rita, It has a total of 18 securities / gold at World Championships, European Olympic. Norvegianca started in 1995 as elite sports and in ...

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They open enrollment for first and TBT Escape Race

They open enrollment for first and TBT Escape Race. As in preparation races 2019, I opened, for starters, Enrollment for First Escape and Transylvania Race Bike Trails. Both competitions are not only specific competitions, but small festivals are made to recall the joy of sport in a pleasant environment community, family, newcomers, to attract quality people ...

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GPS tracks for those who want to get out on track first portion or all Escape

For the beginning of the season it is sometimes too much from Bucharest to Snagov to be traveled in one piece. Or because there is no time after work to go through the whole distance, light and relaxed. Here you have some suggestions of routes so as to go through it in two stages and finally are variant integers. The first part which has Baneasa Forest, fields ...

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