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Update First Escape 2022

Beloved, Thank you so much for the hundreds of messages and questions. For several months now, we've been trying to align things to give you some good news. Let's restart the First Escape after the pandemic. Let's send you a message with… “It holds!”, to meet again colorful, happy, many, most of them and let's get out of the city, more and more extensive, to one of the few natural places left near Bucharest, on this green road that connects Bucharest with Lake Snagov, at the largest event of its kind in Eastern Europe.

Let's see which of us gets to Snagov faster, emptied of energy at the end and then refilled by all the people around, of the most effervescent atmosphere, of music and the best food, of the most beautiful medal, happy and surrounded by people who love nature, motion, the challenge and the beneficial social tension of the community.

What we couldn't tell you these years is that, from the beginning, of 14 year, we had a demanding fight with the authorities. At the beginning, with almost everything. But now, most of them support us and have waited to organize like you. The County Council and some town halls have even helped us since the last editions as part of the team. The police have been and are getting better. In super difficult times, aids appeared, which we did not even expect, in addition to our core partners who understood the size and complexity of the event.
The world has changed for the better in these 14 year, give, Unfortunately, not all.

Access to the forest has always been banned, in general (and here we have only partially tried and succeeded in changing it), but also especially for the First Escape and for the creation of bicycle routes. The obstruction of the event by those who manage the forests in Bucharest-Ilfov, to which we are so attached, has remained constant.. In almost every edition, a minister had to intervene so that we could hold him. Even with intervention, approval and fees paid, the obstruction manifested itself in various forms.
High taxes, guarantees of thousands of euros, (not returned even now after 3 year), plowing and destroying the route, deleting markings even outside the forest, they are not worthy of an authority in Romania, whatever she or her employees are.

As a result, although I had a negotiation at the top, which seemed to have mediated and resolved, one more time, the situation, at the base, this notice does not yet exist or is not found and we no longer have time to prepare for an event in the classic spring period no matter how much we thought we could do in a month, how much I did before in half a year.

Așadar, we have to hold the competition at another time. Most likely it will be after our other important contest, after the Transylvania Bike Trails Race which will be on the extended weekend with 14 august (which we look forward to seeing you as unforgettable!). return, when we can, with a clear date and then with the opening of registrations.

However, to satisfy the desire to go out in nature, Sunday, 22 more, we will organize an exit on a loop from the First Escape route. We return with details and event on Facebook.

For reconnection, below you can find a selection of photos from the past years with some of the First Escape variety.

David George's photo (Y)
Photo entered in the photo contest primaevadare.ro/concurs-foto

David George's photo (Y)
Photo entered in the photo contest primaevadare.ro/concurs-foto

Participants compete during the Prima Evadare in Bucharest, Romania

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