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Update First Escape 2022

Beloved, Thank you so much for the hundreds of messages and questions. For several months now, we've been trying to align things to give you some good news. Let's restart the First Escape after the pandemic. Let's send you a message with… “It holds!”, to meet again colorful, happy, many, most of them and let's get out of the city, more and more extensive, by ...

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Escape first Romanian film promotion

Escape first Romanian film promotion, just released by the Ministry of Tourism. They included staff from the competition first Escape arguing text “Romania buzzing”. The film, usual, the most beautiful natural and architectural monuments in Romania, refers to traditions, people and legends. as a novelty, were introduced frames and texts that refer to sports and ...

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They open enrollment for first and TBT Escape Race

They open enrollment for first and TBT Escape Race. As in preparation races 2019, I opened, for starters, Enrollment for First Escape and Transylvania Race Bike Trails. Both competitions are not only specific competitions, but small festivals are made to recall the joy of sport in a pleasant environment community, family, newcomers, to attract quality people ...

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Emotions First Escape

First Escape Route is a route for children especially in the rain the past when there were cobblestone sensitive areas. But those who try it were real small / big heroes and moving footage below is one of them. Watch below emotions First Escape. May you remember Andrei, who 5 years wanted ...

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20 more, anniversary edition of "First Escape" – 10 year (Press release)

The story began a decade ago, early spring, A few friends lovers motion, scheming to escape in nature. It got the idea to organize a competition bike in the woods north of Bucharest starting from Bucharest to Snagov roads through forests and green field. Since then, "First Escape" was successful and year ...

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Your film from first Escape 2017

For memories that you have thinking about adventure Sunday,21 more, we prepared together with friends from IRewind and Renault a special film with you and sequences route. To watch the movie you're looking nominal Gallery Renault. So if you want to watch your friends what they did or first contestants. Enjoy the moments spent ...

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The first medal and shirt Escape 2016

Escaped infiecare year we want to know that each is special! We have large metal medals for TOP 500 and yet 1000 Medals slightly smaller, but equally important for others. Shirts participating this year are green, and for shirts TOP 100 we thought to change color and make them black :) Surely ...

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Road training for First Escape or First exit after Easter :)

Escape road training for first or first exit after Easter Snagov Monastery north of Bucharest Căldăruşani cyclists Tour of Snagov

Monday 21 April, because I delayed reconnaissance, I made a road out, probably the largest training :), went back to the Snagov Monastery 80km Căldăruşani TDS = Tour de Snagov. Such a cool gang of about 300 cyclists, I wandered the roads of northern Bucharest and we relaxed on the beach in Astoria. Most drivers were courteous ...

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Statistical 2011

Thanks additions in your registration form we managed to make some statistics that each year. The first one is “Top 25 marks in the original Escape 2011” and is based on the 1554 Online registrations. As in the rest of the first editions 3 places are occupied by the same Cube, Merida si Trek, but in a different order front ...

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