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Commercial bank Roman (BCR), membră a Erste Group, is the largest financial group in Romania, including universal banking operations (retail, corporate & investment banking, Treasury and Capital Markets), as well as the companies on the leasing, asset management, private pensions, housing banks and banking by phone. BCR is the No.1 bank in Romania assets (over 16 mld EUR), No. 1 bank by number of customers and segments No.1 bank savings and loan. BCR is the most valuable financial brand in Romania, the degree of confidence of customers and the number of those for which BCR is the main institution for banking.

Erste Group is a leading financial services providers in Central and Eastern. About 49.500 employees serve 17 million clients in 3.100 subsidiaries in 8 countries (Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia si Ucraina). The 31 December 2012, Erste Group had total assets worth 213,8 billion, inregistrand a profit net of 483,5 million and a cost / income 52.0%.



Merida is one of the largest manufacturers of bicycles in the world. Company history begins in the 70s when founder, Ike Tseng, visited the United States. One day he found a note on the door to a bike shop where it was said that not all bikes from Taiwan are accepted for repair because of their poor quality. This in Ike Tseng ambition to build the best quality bikes and already in 1972 We speak of the first factory Merida Industry Co.., Ltd. Deschisa in Yuanlin, Taiwan.

Worldwide Merida bikes are used by everyone. From the highest level, Multivan Merida Biking Team and teams, la mountain bike, the Lampre-Merida, la sosea, to the ordinary passionate. While Multivan and Lampre use bicycles in the most difficult and prestigious races in the world, Absa Cape Epic as, of mtb, Spring Classics and Tour of Spain or, la sosea, enthusiasts use them on walks with friends or national competitions such as First Escape.

In Romania Merida, by BikeFun official importer, sponsors and team Nomad Merida CST, bike model used by most of the team members Merida Big.Nine Team.

Ciuc Radler sponsor prima evadare, cel mai mare concurs de biciclete

Under the concept of "other life, or beer ", Ciuc Natur Radler is a proponent of active lifestyle and encourages all young people to try and enjoy the benefits that sport brings to each of us.

Masina official

Skoda supported numerous cycling competitions in Europe in recent years. Since 2004, Czech manufacturer has become the main sponsor of world-class competitions, the immense popularity, such as: Tour de France, Giro d’Italia, Tour de Suisse , Tour de Romandie and the Road Cycling World Championships.

Skoda also focuses on the national cycling, by sponsoring various competitions, including “Press Evadare”, an event dedicated cycling fans from Romania.

CST - tiresWhen you say CST call history and experience in tires. 47 years of innovation have made this company, with more than 20.000 de angajati, to become the largest producer in the world. Tehnologii ca High-Protection, EPS (Exceptional Puncture Safety) , Kevlar Inside si AP (Protectia Anti-Pana) products are integrated in CST tires each giving the user a number of advantages that will benefit either participate in a contest, be it out for a bike ride with friends. Echipa de mountain bike, NoMad Merida CST, use these tires in competitions and training, one of the most used tires being CST Camber, o anvelopa directionala, Fast and grip on wet or dry surfaces. In Romania CST bike tires are the BikeFun.


Chio, one of the leading brands of salty snacks in Romania, knows how important sport for body health, so it is ready to meet anyone who embraces an active lifestyle. Chio was launched in Romania ago 17 year, the brand of chips with the longest history in our. Over time, portofoliul brandului Chio s-to diversificat, is now present in many types of savory snacks: chips, tortilla, baked goods, popcorn. Among the most popular product lines include baked Chio Maxi Mix, Crackings , Stickletti, Brezli, Mini roundels. Chio brand is owned by the company Intersnack Romania, largest player on the Romanian market savory snacks, whose portfolio also includes brands Nutline, Party, Felix, Pom-Bär.

Products HIGH5 are made in Romania by www.high-5.ro. High5 covers a full range of products necessary in sports nutrition recommended to be used starting with ending with recovery from training and competition. For points of hydration from the competition, High-5.ro aduce Energy Source, most popular drinks in High5, suitable for competitions during, that provide the required energy intake, but in return they lose minerals body through sustained effort. Product Energy Gel is recommended to be taken during the race, because it is easy to carry and has carbohydrates and minerals. For more products please visit the website www.high-5.ro

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