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We have centralized here some of the bike routes we have made. Starting from south to north, de la Moon Time Bike – the mountain bike route from the center of Bucharest, continuing with the loops from Baneasa, and then on the First Escape route, the Prima Evadare loops from Codrii Vlăsiei to the north, to Snagov and then, and further north, to the trails Transylvania Trails Bike Race and Network from the Viscri area, Saschiz, The hills of Transylvania. All this will be uploaded on the future nomad-trails.ro platform

We want to leave it to each community, where our routes pass, a simple loop for outdoor cycling and you a network of trails that you can use for your First Escape training or to keep yourself in good physical condition at any time of the year.

Official training sessions will also be organized on the Prima Evadare loops, so follow the facebook page, newsletter, for those registered, and the other means of communication.

The most beautiful, varied and easy to make are the Small Loop, Medium and Large depending on how long and how physically fit you are. You can adapt your route and change from high to low at the branch point (CP8 after the dam/earth dam where there is also the spring where you can refuel)

*They are mostly marked, but because we have “friends” which you know and I also put black paint on them, it is important to have at hand either the google map where you can locate yourself or upload them on the GPS.. Mainly the routes are quite intuitive, calloused, CLEAN.

Bucharest routes (Youth and Baneasa Forest)

The route/path in Tineretului Park

The short route from Padurea Baneasa – 8km

The long route from Padurea Baneasa – 15km

The network of trails in Ilfov (The First Escape loops from Codrii Vlăsiei)

View in google maps format and if you get lost you can click here for localization.

To save the map and be located in real time, log in to your Google Maps account, open the map on your computer, tap the star to save it to favorites, then you can view the map from your phone, in the Google Maps application – the Favorite.

Little Loop First Escape (size S)
With entrance on the green path from Balotesti – one of the most beautiful

Little Loop First Escape (S)
With departure from anywhere on the loop (Ghica Palace, CP7 – Edenland, green lagoon, Arena restaurant – mill Vlasiei)
It is even shorter for those who do it after working hours.

Medium Loop First Escape (M) – 27km
Departure can be from anywhere on the route (Ghica Palace, Edenland, green lagoon, Arena restaurant)

Great Loop First Escape (L) – 32km
The most suitable for a half-day tour. Departure can be from anywhere on the route (Ghica Palace, Edenland, green lagoon, Arena restaurant)

Great Loop First Escape (L) – 40km with entrance from Balotesti on the Green Path

Loops to finsh/Snagov

The loop at Snagov/finish the 2nd part of the First Escape route with departure from Palat and return via the shortest route

The loop at Snagov/finish with the 2nd part of the Prima Evadare route departing from Diminei and includes the road with western telegraph poles

The loop at Snagov/finish with the 2nd part of the Prima Evadare route with a slightly longer but more beautiful return
Departure can be from anywhere on the route, but we put the Arena Restaurant so you have somewhere to eat afterwards :P

First Escape Routes

Areas on the First Escape route may change depending on the quality of the roads, WORK, pietruiri, the aesthetics of the paths and their condition. Below are the approximate variants.
For training, we recommend the routes from the 2nd part of the route and there are many loop options recommended on the website.

*The almost classic version which can be done now:

Approximate variant for less favorable weather:

The network of TBT Race routes in the Transylvanian Hills (Viscri, Saschiz, Mesendorf, Crit, Sighisoara)

The TBT Race routes are being updated. You can check some of them on the TBTRace.ro website here, for the contest, one here for the other options. (are being completed)

Nomad Trails

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