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Tips '10

Instructions for beginners:
Necessary equipment recommended:
  • Bicycle in good condition, oiled and competitor set size (EX: the saddle adjusted accordingly without being left too low “cool style de oraș” high or too high); You have to sit on his right foot when the heel on the pedal or stick with the tip slightly bent when the pedal.
  • Pressure Tyre recommended to be about 2.7 bar;
  • It is preferable to have the bike support or water bottle cage;
  • Bidonul or water cans are a sports cap for quick and easy hydration;
  • First escape before the start each competitor will receive a bottle of monkey Vöslauer 0.75 L special sport cap, that fits right into the bike racks.
  • Daca ai 2 cans one you can have with water and the other with multimineral / vitamin.
    Tools: imbusuri, leviere, petition, room, pump;
  • Number to;
  • Back number;
  • Bark this mandatory, it must be adjusted and tested before, so that you feel comfortable. It is better to be specific to this type of competition vents, but are supported and other models;
  • Shirt I recommend cycling type back pockets to quickly and easily access bars, Tools, packaging, phone…
  • MănușSpecial and cycling – helps you do not corny palms, do not fall and abrasions when you touch, and some have a smooth area for nose wiped perspiration from his forehead :D;
  • Pants preferred type back protector cycling bazon;
  • Glasses Dust, insects and branches;

Being at home:

  • At home it's good to platoon positioned as close to your level. If you get put to the back too will overcome and can be both physically and mentally disturbed :)
  • Manifests prudență in the first minutes of the race because the density of competitors is high and braking before bends compact peloton increasing the risk acrosajelor. However "buluceala" at home gives a good feeling that takes less. The rest is up to you, You 55km to establish your position.
  • Before depășire Make your presence felt shouting LOC!!” after “Stanga fin din”, that right”. "Space" is basically simple in terms of effort. If you say and "thank you" is it possible to stay friends.

Orientation during the race:

  • This type of long-distance competition has an important element orientation. You must be careful labeling. La Prima Evadare banda Alba about trees confirm route, is made less where you do not have other options and immediately after the false branch. Banda Rosu / alb marked change of direction and is located on the side that will be changing direction. Arrow indicates the direction, and X-the forbidden road. If you turn to the last marking error. Each with certain markings may be stolen. Folosește logica :) or read tracks. The most common cause of error is tracing the before and no markings. So there may be a mistake in the chain. So head up, eyes after marking, if you lose you go back to last bookmark. If you really do not know what to do, You can call the phone number on the back of competition for any advice.
  • If you are disqualified shortened route. Route are checkpoints (CP), where it is noted, photographing and filming competitors sometimes passing.
Supply points:
  • The trail has some supply areas, where you can find water Vöslauer, glucose, lemon, banane Dole, Wafer. Feeds get enough, but leave some for others. Do not let your road bike.


  • If you fix a broken bike and continue. If you're exhausted rest, eat, Hydrate yourself and continue. If you have muscle cramps, have mineral *. If you drink a Red Bull wings.
  • If you can not continue the race, declared abandoned and why his nearest checkpoint (CP) or one of the phones listed on the back number of competition.
  • Drink water from time to time, even if your thirsty.

*most important minerals are: magnesium, calcium, potasiu if sodiu.

Breathe, vorbeşte, Take a picture, help! Wear sunscreen!

“The race is long and, in the end, it’s only with yourself!”

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