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Tourist spots

On this page you can find the tourist attractions on the Prima Evadare route and on the adjacent loops and routes.

On the route you can find historical monuments, natural, interesting places of recreation, beside the lakes, fields and forests typical of the area.
You can visit them both during bike rides, you can park nearby and from there go to several destinations.
There is also a movie made about some of these goals, film that you can see below.

From start to finish, from Bucharest to Snagov we find the following objectives:

  1. Mauriciu Blank Chapel/Mausoleum located in the Baneasa Forest right in the offroad entry area of ​​the route.
  2. Baneasa Forest it was completed by the acquisition of several private plots during the interwar period by the then Bucharest administration and then it was given to the residents in the form of a forest park with paths and non-invasive landscaping.
  3. fort from the route that, actually, this Battery 3-4 from the Belt of Fortifications built by King Carol I for the defense of Bucharest. Complex of fortifications that also involved the creation of what is now the Bucharest Belt.
  4. Tunari Forest although it was separated from the Baneasa forest by changing the belt, it is still a green place where you can go for walks connecting the PE route on the border with the path in the forest.
  5. Otopeni Airport it's a place where for a few moments the landing and takeoff of planes in the countryside with different cultures completes the experience of a walk.
  6. Ancuta Farm it is at the entrance to Moara Vlasiei on the classic route (or turn right if you come on the one in bad weather next to the telegraph poles and the railway) The farm has developed and will open to the public on 28 April. Here you can see old and new agricultural machinery. You can find museum pieces with elements used by peasants in the past. It's a mini adventure park for children.
  7. The road of palaces after, what is it called now, Lime Road, it was the road that connected directly, over fields and forests, the two palaces Ghica Tei and Ghica Moara Vlăsiei. The road was guarded by 4 rows of old linden trees that were cut but a few remained in people's yards near the palace, and from the root of the others, many shoots emerged that you can still see today.
  8. The fountain with a balance it is one of the few remaining wells from the network that flooded the fields to keep agriculture functional, and the movement of people in different directions, needing water for themselves and for the animals with which they moved or worked in the field or in the forest. Old writings can still be seen on the stone of the fountain.
  9. Ghica Palace from Moara Vlăsiai it is a monument building from the time of King Mihai. It has a tumultuous history. Find more details in the movie.
  10. Arena Restaurant/Complex near the palace is a perfect place for departure and arrival of nomad-trails.ro tours. The food is good and here you can meet other cyclists who are leaving or coming from their laps. The opening to the water completes the experience.
  11. Căciulați Palace Reservoir where you can stop for rehydration.
  12. green lagoon it's a restaurant with specific fish on the water's edge.
  13. Vlasia River it's a fascinating lens, it is the smallest and the least clumsy and, Fortunately, the least exploited being quite natural. He, as the name says, it crossed the middle of Codril Vlasiei reaching Caldarusani where it joins the other river of the local forests, Cociovalistea River. The ensemble of waters with forests and fields creates a complex ecosystem as long as they are not destroyed or fragmented.
  14. Edenland it's an adventure park built in the forest that offers many possible outdoor activities (routes, archery, hipism, paintball, place to eat)
  15. Vladiceasca Forest is the body of forest spread along the Vlăsia river, forest where they are found (fewer and fewer unfortunately) secular oaks and many species of animals, birds, various insects potentated by the surrounding lakes and fields. A forest with beautiful places but unfortunately a lot of forest exploitation in recent years 10 year.
  16. House of Vlăsia it's a complex right next to the Prima Evadare route (CP9 – km43) complex with restaurant, accommodation, event spaces, microferma. You can stop for a coffee, soup or you can leave there.
  17. Ferma Vlasia it was the farm of the Central Committee of the Communist Party being built here because it was the cleanest and most natural area, surrounded by forests. With this expansion, the old village of Vlăsia was demolished and the inhabitants were moved to Moara Vlăsiai. Only the ruined church remained, but very beautiful and special, surrounded by the former newer houses made for the farm employees.
  18. Vlasia Church it was built by the inhabitants of the village of Vlasia, sat, as I said, demolished and moved. Although beautiful, aesthetics, it is in ruins and we are taking steps to protect it. From here you can take water in case you run out of water on hot days.
  19. Bucharest railway – Snagov which we pass several times on the route, it is the railway on which Bucharesters used to come to the beach at Snagov every day and especially on weekends. They enjoyed all the facilities of the Astoria Snagov Complex (Beach, hotel, restaurant, sura with minis and beer, secular oaks, ponon or lac, pool, tennis courts, etc.)
  20. Complex Astoria Snagov, the place where the Prima Evadare finish is, on the meadow by the lake, in the past, it was the place for relaxation and sunbathing for the citizens of Bucharest who arrived here by train through the woods, lakes and fields or by car, the complex having a spacious parking lot. It is currently closed.
  21. Snagov Monastery on the island, like all Ilfov monasteries strategically built to be naturally protected by waters and forests, it is the only one located on an island, the others being on peninsulas but still surrounded by water and forests. The monastery was built at the end of the reign of Mircea the Elder and is known as the possible place where Vlad Țepes was buried, knowing that he was killed in these woods.
  22. Căldărusani Monastery and it is naturally semi-fortified. Before doing those 2 access bridges to it, it was in the middle of the lakes, on the peninsula formed by the rivers Vlăsia and Cociovaliștea. It can be reached on the Prima Evadare Mare Loop with a small deviation. Or on the TDS road route.
  23. Snagov Foundation Museum it is a point of interest where you can learn about the history of the place and about the local nature.
  24. Artha Park it's the place where you can rent kayaks and take a trip on the lake, maybe even to the Monastery, on island.

Departure points on the Prima Evadare routes where there is food and parking:

Complex Arena Moara Vlasiei
Ancuta Farm
In front of the Ghica Palace where there is also a shop with a terrace where you can stock up or rest.
From the center of Balotești – the monument – the advantage is that you enter one of the most beautiful green paths. There is also a restaurant “At the Buffet”
From Edenland
From Casa Vlăsia
From the Laguna Verde restaurant

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