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Regulament Prima Evadare


Regulament Prima Evadare


Contest organizer "Press Evadare"This Nomad Sports Club Multisport.

Place and duration of the contest:

Press Evadare a este concurs ciclism of Cross Country (Point to Point – XCP). The contest between Bucharest and Snagov in the woods and country roads for a distance of approximately 55 de km în data de 19 More 2024. La ora 10:00 it kicks off, la ora 12:00 recorded first arrivals. The total distance to be traveled within 5 hours when the route is dry. In exceptional cases there may be intermediate or timeouts time limit will be extended.

CP 6 Ghica Palace, hour time limit is 13:00. Competitors who reach the checkpoint after this time, will teach chip timing.

The minimum age:

The minimum age for participation in Press Evadare East 18 year, except for competitors between 14 one 17 year, for which the parent/guardian will give written consent for his participation on the day of picking up the package, or shall submit an affidavit of the parent authenticated by a notary public or certified lawyer law. Participation of children sub 14 year can do when participating in class Family They are accompanied by a parent / guardian throughout the route, distance between child and parent / guardian does not exceed 5 meters, otherwise the two will be disqualified.

Equipment Required:

  • Cycling helmet is MANDATORY for all competitors, both during competition and during training; adjusted right, XC helmet is very comfortable and well ventilated;
  • Prohibited cutting / drilling or running competition number. It must be seen by the referees on the route and provide similar aerodynamics;
  • All bicycles used in Press Evadare It is propelled only by human strength;
  • Bicycles are accepted MTB profile, MTB tandem race and in good condition, they compete in different categories;
  • Competition number will be mounted on bicycle, in front of (exception to race bikes), handlebar visible and will not be removed just after crossing the line (or in case of abandonment);
  • The chip timing ankle taken as directed on the envelope Evochip;
  • Competitors can repair or replace any parts except the frame. Change is not allowed bicycle, competitors must cross the finish line with the same frame and the same number on the handlebar;
  • In the event of a power or minor damage, stops, competitor is obliged to issue route to avoid injuries and to solve the technical problem in a safe place;


  • Drum or drums with water (preferably be made handy holder / holders from bicycle);
  • Glasses (Repellents, crengilor, mud and dust);
  • Pump, dressing room, patches for UNTIL and levers;
  • A suitable ear never hurts and it is not hard;
  • Mobile Phone protected from moisture retained in a pouch / bag;
  • Participants should have at least two exits training before, preferably over rough terrain;
  • We recommend official recognition training and familiarization with the route;
  • Finally sunscreen for sunny :)


  • Elite Masculin Open = Category open to cyclists legitimate and top; Minimum age - 20 year (it awards the first 7 places). Those enrolled in this class will not fit in other categories such as: Enterprises, Age categories, Ciclocros, Tandem. Note: The organizer reserves the right to reject / accept candidates in this category if it does not comply with the conditions described above;
  • Elite Women = Category open to legitimate ciclistele
  • female Amateurs 14-35 year
  • Female Amateur Fish 36 year
  • Male 14-18 year
  • Male 19-29 year
  • Male 30-39 year
  • Male 40-49 year
  • Male 50 -59 year
  • Male Over 60 year
  • Cyclos/Gravel = Category type cyclo bikes
  • Tandem = Category for tandem bicycles. Separate classification is done and can not be assigned to other categories such as: Couple, Enterprises, Age categories, female Amateurs, Elite Open or Family.
  • Company = Category open to representatives of a company's competitors, who will benefit from a separate classification; condition of employment in this category is team composition: minimum 5 competitors to be at least one girl. The ranking is calculated by arithmetic average of the cumulative time 5 concurenți (where there are several team representatives, taking into account the first 4 During times of boys and girls face or the first time, if there are several). At registration you will have to submit a certificate certifying that the participant working at the company for minimum 3 Monday. Those enrolled in this class will not fit the other categories such as: Family, Elite Open, Tandem, Couple.
  • Family category (4-8 year) Ghica Palace will be finished (25km), and categories Family (9-13year) one Extended Family (9-13year) will have finished Snagov (Complex Astoria) – (55km).
  • Family (4-8 year) = Open category for a parent + a child aged 4 – 8 year, the distance between child and parent at the finish line or control points must not exceed 5 meters. Those enrolled in this class will not fit the other categories such as: Enterprises, Individual age categories, Ciclocros, Elite M/F, Tandem. The finish for this category and only this, is Ghica Palace.
  • Family (9-13 year) = Open category for a parent + a child aged 9 – 13 year, the distance between child and parent at the finish line or control points must not exceed 5 meters. Those enrolled in this class will not fit the other categories such as: Enterprises, Individual age categories, Ciclocros, Elite M/F, Tandem.
  • Extended Family (9-13 year) = Open category for a relative (or guardian) + a child aged 9 – 13 year, the distance between the child and the relative at the finish line or control points must not exceed 5 meters. Those enrolled in this class will not fit the other categories such as: Enterprises, Individual age categories, Ciclocros, Elite M/F, Tandem. To be included in this category, the adult must be of age and bring the declaration signed by the parent of the accompanying minor.
  • Couple = category created for couples (only those who are fit couple in the true sense: Former. fiancé / fiancée, boyfriend / girlfriend, sot/sotie, thus avoiding various arrangements). If the team composition is questioned and challenged by other competitors, prize will be revoked, and torque disqualified. The distance between the two at the finish line and control points must not exceed 10 meters. Those enrolled in this class will not fit the other categories such as: Enterprises, Individual age categories, Ciclocros, Elite M/F, Tandem or Family. Legitimated Athletes can not participate in this category.

Note: Age is calculated based on the year of birth. Former. 20 Dec 1994 He is incadra category 30-39 year.

The process of registration and waiver package:

  • Period: Starting from February this year, online registrations are open. Participants completed online form. Registrations are closed 18 more 2024. On the day of the competition no more registrations / payments / lifting packages.
  • Rate: The amount of tax is determined by the period is charged.
  • fee you can find the page dedicated: “Fee
  • If a team falls in the "Companies" in addition to the individual fee, will pay an additional fee of 400 lei/echipă.
  • For Tandem categories, Couple, Family, the individual fee for the respective period x is paid 2.

As: Methods of payment:

  • Online cu Cardul – link is available when registering, or will be sent by email.
  • Collective payments, payment will be made by bank transfer: RO02UGBI0000132014804RON, CIF 29441005, Nomad Sports Club Multisport.
  • For cash payments you can deposit at Garanti RO02UGBI0000132014804RON (and confirming payment at info @ nomadmultisport.ro)


If for some reason the person entered online wants saddle its cancel registration, You can do this through an email to the address info(@)nomadmultisport.ro. In case of cancellation, the participation fee CANNOT BE REFUNDED (according to Ordinance 34/2014, Art. 16. to the. L) but the place can be transferred to another competitor against the fee of 30 Lei. We encourage those who can no longer compete fee to transfer another person sand to announce organizer in an email sent to info[@]nomadmultisport.ro until May 14 more. In case of no-show at home, disqualification, abandon, withdraw from the competition for any reason the fee is not refundable.

Package Pickup:

  • Consult the program here.
  • When raising the participation numbers are signed Affidavit General (forumular default) can be printed from the website or complete onsite;
  • Number of participation and timing chip will be picked up at Race-office organizers the identity card.
  • Participants minors under category Men 14-19 years have come to raise pack accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, along with Affidavit for minors autentificata the lawyer sau notar.
  • Competitors who can not personally pick up the package, can complete affidavit, and for lifting the package may have a friend with the statement in the original or copy accompanied by a photocopy of the newsletter competitor. On the day of the contest entries are not made nor distributed packet!



The start of the competition will be given Sunday, 19 more 2024, now 10:00, Alley Privighetorilor 1-3 (the parking lot Police Academy, Baneasa). Competitors must position themselves at the starting line in order blocks allocated according to race numbers allocated by the organizers for the first 700. First will be called by the MC Elite Open category riders competition, the block is dedicated first 100 competitors who finished first Escape 2023. Category Family and extended family will leave at the end of the peloton to avoid injuries. OData aliniati, competitors must bring home outside perimeter heating means (rolls, trainere). The start will be given by MC competition in the following way: an announcement countdown to 10, 9, …2, 1, START. The start will be collectively.

A few minutes before the start, a group/critical mass photo will be taken of everyone with raised bicyclists.


The Press Evadare I have a double standard marking: Belt and arrows and X's. Banda “CST” about trees confirm route, is made less where you do not have other options and immediately after the false branch. Banda Rosu / alb marked change of direction and is located on the side that will be changing direction. Arrow indicates the direction, and X-The wrong way and smoking. If you turn to the last marking error. Note how many bookmarks can be stolen once.

Awards: Click here to see the prize.

Responsibility of the:

  • ensure starting package for competitors;
  • ensure proper scoring race track;
  • ensure rehydration points and verification;
  • provide prize money and equipment, cups and medals;
  • ensure placing checkpoints along the route and following the order of arrival of competitors they; arrival timed with a chip;
  • ensure safety at the start and finish, by security and medical support;
  • ensure each medal and finisher shirt finalist;
  • ensure that such technical meeting before the contest;
  • ensure raffle;
  • transfer by bus / truck for those who have no other means of transport, and check this option in the registration form;
  • In conditii weather nefavorabile, The organizer may decide to stop / postpone / cancel the competition.

Note: The organizer shall be relieved of liability if the public during the race deteriorates markings guide.

Participant responsibilities:

  • All competitors participate in the competition on your own risk and assume all risks involved.
  • Competitors must wear the chip package given to raising the validation Joined. In case of loss chip contest competitor during the race can not be framed in the rankings;
  • Each participant is obliged to follow the guidance of the Commissioner of the route and police authorities. In places where they are not, observe traffic rules and to exercise caution;
  • competitor who suffer an accident or any material damage (bicycle, other equipment) participate on their own responsibility and quit the competition by enrolling herself any right to claim damages;
  • competitors must know the rules, to inform, and participate in technical meeting, to treat with caution information announced by organizers, in technical meeting, on the site, on Facebook, in newsletter, the organizer announces official data even if they are not written in this Regulation.
  • ascertaining if an accident, competitors are obliged to report to the next checkpoint or call emergency number displayed on the number of contest or 112
  • competitors are required to comply with environmental protection rules.
  • disqualification in case of abandonment or athlete is forced teach timing chip at checkpoint, finish, or will announce rganizatorul.
  • competitors are required to protect / avoid potential viewers, animals, cars or citizens wandered route.
  • The use by competitors of radio or other electronic communications systems (Former: iPod, walk-man, mp3 player, transceiver stations etc.), we recommend connecting with nature;

Conditions that attract disqualification:

  • Failure to observe the route entirely or shortness of.
  • Failure helmet during competition.
  • Behavior devoid of Fair Play, and foul language against competitors, organizers or spectators (insulting, imbrancirea competitors, sicanarea, etc.) chiar si in mediul online. Behavior Fair Play lacking in other contests lead to rejection of the first registration Escape.
  • Using aid from outside competition (use of motor vehicles or motorcycles ... etc).
  • All bicycles used in Press Evadare be propelled only by human force;
  • Change bike during competition.
  • Changing the number of contest.
  • Loss or destruction of chip timing.
  • !!!Abandoning packaging or other waste route. They can be left in the 2 power points and finish area.
  • Disqualifications can be made after the contest after viewing pictures, movies, or inform other competitors based.
  • Greater distance of about 10m (or visual) between parent and child category Family, or Couple.
  • Category Family at home will leave at the end of platoon, otherwise risk being disqualified.


The organizer reserves the right to use the name or the transfer by partners of the contest, any photographic material, video and audio with competitors Press Evadare, during the development of this competition (including to the start / finish and the podium premieres). Those who want to use these materials are asked to request permission and mention the event in coming.

Note: If the organization of the competition is prevented by force majeure events, and / or adverse weather events, organizer reserves the right to decide, as applicable, postponement / stop / extend the contest or change route.

The organizer reserves the right to change any time this Regulation, whenever necessary and without nici o notify prior. These possible changes will be published on the official website of the competition Press Evadare.

By entering the contest participants declare that they agree to the processing of personal data by the organizer, as well as participation at the "First Escape" so, implies the consent of the participants and their personal data to be stored and processed Multisport Association Nomad Sports Club in the competition order.

Note: We want to mention that personal data entered in the form will not be alienated nor used for other purposes, than to verify the accuracy of classification in the category of participation and useful information to competitors.

Personal Data Protection:

Personal data provided by participants upon registration will be stored and processed only to implement and conduct the event. registration, participants agree that these data be saved.
Participant agrees by registering to the event that personal data you provided will be disclosed to third parties to record travel time, to establish and disclose the results list and publish them on the official website of the event.
By entering the competition the participants declare their consent to the processing of personal data by the organizer, and participation at the "First Escape" so, acceptance and consent involves participants that their personal data are kept and processed Nomad Sports Club Multisport Association for the contest.

Note: We note that personal data entered in the form will not be sold or used for other purposes, only to verify the accuracy of classification in the category of participation and useful information to competitors.


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