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About Class Enterprises

As in previous editions we had a large participation from companies large and small, We will continue the tradition of categories “Enterprises”, further providing an additional motivation of participants First Escapes.

A brief description for the new competitors a reminder for experienced competitors :)

What does this category?

Team roster must be minimum of five competitors to be at least one girl. The ranking is calculated by arithmetic average of the cumulative time 5 concurenți (where there are several team representatives, we consider the first 4 During times of boys and girls face or the first time, if there are several).

Such competitors from the same company will benefit from an individual ranking, but also by top companies. It is important to note that those who decide to participate in this category, must be enrolled at ages (can not be assigned to categories Tandem, Couple, Family sau Elite).

How can you register for this class?

  1. Each individual team member completes application form and select Company from working.
  2. We pay individual fees (collective payments will be made a bank transfer) and the company 100 Lei account: RO02UGBI0000132014804RON Bank Guarantee, Nomad Sports Club Multisport (benefit), CIF 29441005.
  3. If necessary tax bill will send a request by email: info@nomadmultisport.ro
  4. After the payments were made, A company representative will submit a list of all participants by the organizer by email.
  5. At enrollment competitor / competitors must present a certificate giving notice that the attendant working at the company.
  6. A very important is that by the time the 10 more who participates in this category submit the list to the name of each participant and info@nomadmultisport.ro additional fee 100 Lei to be paid in advance. We need this information for final validation teams. If you do not send this list, Subsequent complaints will not be taken into account.

What are the benefits of participation for companies?

Making an outdoor teambuilding activities for employees;
Supporting sports and encouraging active lifestyles among employees;
Supporting the promotion of cycling as a means of recreation.

Awards podium teams that will consist of cups, medals and products / vouchers from sponsors.

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