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Regulation Pulling Awards



Escape is the first international cycling competition organized by agreement of the National Federation offroad specialist (FRC), whose main purpose is to promote a healthy lifestyle through sport outdoors.

Organizing the contest of a share award random prizes from partners is at their initiative, on objects provided by them, transfer of goods being made between the two parties, without legal involvement organizer.

any complaint, complaint on assigned products if these separate actions shall be exclusively partner, The first contest organizers cycling Escape being exonerated of any responsibility.

Contest organizers only provide the necessary framework of these actions and ensure that the competition can raise pariticipantii this bead which enables them to participate in the action of awarding prizes Partners, in the condition in which the contest has valid registration under competition rules published on the site, Which implies, but not limited to completing the registration form, presentation of identification documents and provided that the participant be present on the spot

Checkbook is received by all competitors who fulfilled the above conditions. Participation in action award is made by completing the free space on the heel with the competitor's name and competition number and placing it in the ballot box located at the scene as usual. Completed coupons illegible will not be considered, being declared void. The competitor is solely responsible for the name inscribed on the heel, completion is prohibited under another name and / or other number contest.

Can not participate in this action people who are part of the organizing team, employees partner that offers prizes, volunteers of the organizing team, husband / wife or first degree relatives of persons mentioned above.

Venue: Astoria Snagov Complex pool scene, schedule, la ora 16 first part, la ora 18 second. The organizer has the right to make changes to the program if unforeseen elements appear.

The awards are announced on intrernet or brought directly onsite partners or anyone who wants to offer something.

For a bead, You can receive one prize.

This Regulation in simplified form will be notified to the competitors at the microphone during the competition.

Extracting the urn winning cards will be the hours and place fixed above, in the presence of competitors. It will choose one or more members of the public who will / will perform extraction. In order to be declared Prize recipient, contestant must be present in public to draw and present on stage when called. Competitors will be identified by race number and / or name. Any disputes can only be made on the spot.

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