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What tires to use at first Escape?

What tires to use in Press Evadare? Most competitors smile when it comes to the type of rubber used in First Escape. Facebook and forums appear dozens of views in this period.

BikeFun Romania It offers rooms this year CST those who make up during the race. They are available at points VeloService Renault.
Tehnologii ca High-Protection, EPS (Excepțional Puncture Safety) , Inside and Kevlar AP (Anti-Up) They are integrated into the tires produced by CST.

We will not tell you what tires to use, but Suzanne Hilbert of the NoMad Merida CST He tells us about new CST Jack Rabbit II pro.

tires CST Jack Rabbit II pro They were made specifically for pro teams sponsored by CST and soon were put on the market for everyone.

Patrick Pescaru, all of Nomad Merida CST, who finished first Escape 2018 place 4, with only 16 year, using the same tires and is very satisfied. Patrick is Campion National XCO the Cadets, again in Swiss Cup runs with new tires CST.

Regardless of rubber used, eventually, and pressure is important. A lower pressure provides more comfort and more grip. Recommended pressure 1.7 bar for those who 70kg. tire, while turnover, It must be molded on stones and bumps encountered along the way, pressure means to be great and will shake or lose grip. High pressure is good for asphalt areas.


Suzi this National Champion Cross Country Marathon. Among other important races, she won Press Evadare 2018, TBTRace, Geiger But and National MTB Cup.

“After a few hundred kilometers last year made local trails with tires CST Jack Rabbit II pro, I decided to go this year to test and rocky land in Croatia, where they fared admirably.

 Ce cauciucuri să folosesc la Prima Evadare

I had 5 competition days 4islands on some very rough trails, full of rocks and spiced with rain.

With protection system EPS, sidewall is very strong and I took care of a possible tire failure due to cutting. Not very tall spikes are fast on dry tracks, but they behaved very well in wet conditions, but without mud.

In the 565g / piece I was pleased with the choice and I think they are a good compromise when it comes to protection and weight.”

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