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Q: Where can I find information on fee?

A: We have a dedicated page where all the necessary data >> Fee

Q: What is the payment method?

A: Payment procedures are:

Online cu Cardul

In cash, Garanti agencies until RO02UGBI0000132014804RON 13 Since life 21:00, and the 14 May only Caro City Resort.

Collective payments, payment will be made by bank transfer: Banca Garanti Bank RO02UGBI0000132014804RON, CIF 29441005, Nomad Sports Club Multisport.

Dated 13 more, now 21:00NOT longer accept payments card online, and payments by cash deposit or bank transfer in Garanti up in time to perform 12:00.

Beginning with 14 May payments are in cash Caro City Resort.

Q: If you have completed the form on 10 February and I choose to pay the tax later, the fee will be considered the 80Lei?

A: The fee is determined by the period they are paid. Thus for example, if you filled out the 10 February and you paid on 20 April will pay tax 100 Law.

Q: If I need an invoice, ce fac?

A: Send a mail to your billing address: info[at]nomadmultisport.ro

Q: What are the steps / procedure for entering the category Enterprises?

A: Companies category information and application can be found on link-ul.

Q: When I joined the Family category, Couple, Elite or Tandem may participate in other categories?

A: Those enrolled in these categories will be assigned to other categories such as: Enterprises, The age categories, Female, Ciclocros.

Q: What is arranging to start?

A: Competitors who have participated in past 2 year, re-enrolled and pay until the 13 more 2020, now 15:00 They will receive the numbers in order following the settlement value at the start of the first 700 be done exactly in that order. For more technical details please visit page “Assign numbers“.

Q: Where if I sit down to Start number 1231?

A: Immediately after the first 700, closer or farther. 701-3xxx Numbers are allocated randomly and do not reflect the performance of competitors.

Q: If you are born in 1990 in December in which category I fall: the 20-29 after 30-39?

A: If you fulfill this year 30 de ani (regardless of month) I graded 30-39 year. Former: 11.10.1990 – 29 years 5 months = 30-39 year, same situation and those who are born in 1980 will favor the incadra 40-49 ani s.a.m.d.

Q: If at the time of completion of, I selected pay by card and I gave up the last step, ce fac? How can I pay?

A: If you still want to pay online please check the mail confirming enrollment or write us at or you can pay by cash info@nomadmultisport.ro agencies account Garanti see the Contact page.

Q: If I connected a wrong facebook account, How do I fix the problem?

A: Please send us by email info[at]nomadmultisport.ro account details which you have logged in and we'll send the link to replay the.

Q: If I paid online with credit card, bank transfer or cash, how long is updated on the site?

A: If you made online credit card payment, updated within minutes on site, bank transfer 72ore, and if you paid in cash, Weekly update is.

Q: How raise competition package unless Bucharest or can not personally reach?

A: Competitors in the country or those who can not reach personally can pack up personal, can complete the affidavit, and for lifting the package may present a friend with original or copy of the declaration accompanied by a copy of the bulletin competitor On the day of the competition can not register nor distribute packages!

Q: De unde descarc Affidavit?

A: From lower:

Extended Family - First Escape
EN Release of liability

Q: What is the mechanism raffle?

A: Each competitor will be distributed in the area Finish, once the shirt, one (1) note engraved with “Raffle” Nomad and logo under bracket bundled contest. On stage there will be a box in which to introduce these notes. The extraction will take place as scheduled, in front of all competitors, extracted winners must be present in order to enter the prize immediately (based on the number of contest). Details here.

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