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The maid route First Escape

The maid route First Escape – Yesterday was a great day in the forest.
I finished 2km of gravel in 14 people and some equipment. So much for the media last 4 days on the trail between Bucharest and Snagov.Cu roaba pe traseul Prima Evadare
We realized that it is time anyway, in woods or fields, It is extraordinarily beautiful even if each servant became a real road trip 15 minute.

This year we pedal path rain, marked on the map blue. We have some kind of gravel race. Those who want something fun route, we have for them famous segments “boar”, “crocodile” and 5km from the final are trodden earth metal.

Below is the route map or you can download here.

More details about the route click here.

Each meter landscaped path, raked, Guinea fowl is done to you both for competition and for the rest of rainy days of the year when you want to breathe clean air, to see deer, to move healthy.

All this time hostile brought us unsolicited aid, unexpected.
We gave us hope that we begin to live in a society beginning to understand this sport and utility, and other levels of her.

A surprise, this year, It was when I was called to Ilfov County Council and ask: "How we can help?”
Bai, …It took a few days to get back after this question and then one months to realize that it's serious.
That maybe because, perhaps, all the time, Press Evadare It was and is, Unfortunately, a fight with all sorts of obstacles, a battle of conviction for something that should be normal.

This time I was alone on the track.

I was a motley combination starting from the worker on the path that suddenly decided to come and volunteer trail, Sunday, to give a helping hand to competitors, volunteers and sponsors who have constant cool, administration to municipalities in North and Ilfov County Council.
We want to thank those who help us and make us pleasant surprises, as much as I can.
Thank Municipalities Otopeni, Tunari, Baloteşti, and Mill Vlasiei.
This year you will find the name behind superb finisher medals and top 500.

Although positive examples is the longest string, We conclude with those from GreenField who rebuilt the path paved by us last year, although it had been destroyed by someone else.

Sometimes it affects so much time yourself when you meet such people.


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