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Update Trail 2019

Update 17 more 2019

Update 16 more 2019

Item Route maidservant first Escape route and that route will pedal.

This year we pedal path rain, marked on the map blue.

We have some kind gravel race. Those who want something fun route, we have for them famous segments “boar”, “crocodile” and 5km from the final are beaten earth.

Scan the QR code and download the route rain – Press Evadare 2019.

Update 12 more 2019

Update 12 more 2019

Update 11 more 2019 – 16:30

Update 11 more 2019 – 15:00

Update 11 more 2019 – 12:00

Update 10 more 2019

The trail is wet rains this week.
It has quite a few ponds.
Most likely competition will go on rain alternative route.
Until Tuesday will pave rebuild:
– the next belt
– area near a sheepfold
– will recover paved area near airport
– will recover paved area near Lake Caciulalti (by palace)
– Balotesti area
– It has already made the field before the crocodiles which alter little path.

Most likely the first part of the track will be dry on Sunday or Saturday if exit is better in the second half of the day.


In this page you can find information about the status of work undertaken nomadic route and Multisport and partners First Escape.
Scan the QR code to see the route first Escape from Strava.

The route was noted and can be done entirely. Looks good. They cleaned areas where branches were drooping, discards and found alternative for different areas so we do not like to be as beautiful.

If you train, you reach the palace you can bypass it by right, driveway with concrete slabs. Currently, palace, it is closed.

Fountain cupana, palace before Ghica – mill Vlasiei, It was refurbished.

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