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Nomad competitions calendar data

Nomad calendar 2020 It has small data changes. MoonTimeBike and Red Bull Vampire Trails moved earlier and Transylvania Trails Bike Race a weekend later. Press Evadare remained on the weekend knew.

Press Evadare – 17 more,
Red Bull Vampire Trails – 11 July,
Transylvania Trails Bike Race – 19-22 august,
MoonTimeBike – 26 September
Urban Road and MTB Race – 18 October

Datele concursurilor din calendarul NoMad

Press Evadare will have a higher dynamic, Snagov, several areas of food for families waiting.

To implant a permanent line bus for race day so families can come by bus, Not to be problems with parking. To be quiet and free from pressure and defluirea afluirea.
It will continue paving and maintenance of paved trails above. We are going to do permanent steps to adding new routes and loops smaller training.
Registration opens soon enough, once TBT Race.

The Transilvania Bike Trails Race Festival, We will diversify and intensify activities that begin Wednesday night, before the contest so we have a more complete vacation with new or known people in our community.

Keep-in Theater, every night, up camping campfire evenings before the contest and down, in the market, after the race. We plan and play outdoors. Bring back at least Saturday night concert. We are trying to diversify both the common culinary activities as well as the villages.
Fun stage race-We're trying to diversify by entering the path from Sighisoara and from Daia. We will try to brand and optional routes recommended for those who want to walk in this diverse minivacanta.
routes permanently marked, we will review this winter.
Tower of Saschiz works will be completed and renovated to visit the inside.
fortress which has become increasingly public and it went under renovation and we hope to be ready to contest.
If you have ideas cultural activities, artistic, sports, by school, we can accommodate. You know how to find us.

Red Bull Vampire Trails will have more competitors.

It is possible to grow a little distance on each loop introducing a wilder area near a river. Remain the same selection criteria.

MoonTimeBike-we know the.

As we can somehow approved with Hall route will add new elements difficulty route that remains permanently. In rest…know. The route is there and waiting to training every day. It's where you can practice your best ascent and descent, in Bucharest.
Nets bridges we managed to negotiate and remain throughout the year so that they do not slip.

Urban Race the House of the People It was moved on Sunday instead of Saturday.

It's time to prepare the route and enrolled. There will be limited to the provincial.

Urban Race MoonTime data and may change depending on approvals authorities, but if you show news and other racing calendar announce :P

Thank you and we wish you gain made plans for contests and vacations.

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