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Shirts First Escape 2015

For 2015 bring new colors in design T-shirts. Quality is premium, slim model, graphics include the features Primei Evadari and your city. Even the graphics you can identify competitors. It's a shirt that you can wear in city, Vacationing, in the club, even with jacket. In particular model makes wearable gray guys at any trousers.

Tricourile Prima Evadare 2015 - finisher - masculinI kept the idea in recent years, Top 100 the yellow shirts, for the first 100.
For first 500 concept remains cast medal with "weight" which will be awarded this year. Back with a dedicated post. A story about how medals are made can be seen here.

Participants come after the 500 will have a colored shirt "cool", gray Finisher and a medal of wood with a special design. Cord will also be personalized to show the distance where you have attended.
How do we want women and girls have prepared pretty shirts heliconia with a slim cut to be molded.

Volunteers They are the most spoiled with T-shirt printed discreetly on the back to identify them only made the rest of those who have been waiting to help you waypoints, in the areas of food, la finish.

Children they will have Special T-shirts for them this year, and the color will be orange Press Evadare. There will be children first Escape.Vizual---Tricou-finisher-Prima-Evadare-10-mai-2015

If you look in the graphics in the foreground can identify a cyclist who is in a position to avoid an obstacle elegance, in the second place pursuers competitors are coming out Bucharest as is traditional literally escaping from the city to nature. In planul 3 the graphics already known city versus nature. There are many details that you can find yourselves.

Planes are the innovations in graphics. They are a band of airplanes Falcons Romania aerial acrobatics that will show to finish with paratroopers will land bollard.

Tricoul Galben – Top100 / Gray jersey - Finisher (Boys) / Heliconia jersey - Finisher (fete) / Green jersey - Organizers and Volunteers / Orange jersey (children)

Tricou Prima Evadare - Voluntar Tricou Prima Evadare - finisher - femininTricou Prima Evadare - finisher - Top 100Tricou Prima Evadare - finisher - copii

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