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The tires use the contest?

“The tires use the contest?”

Perhaps most competitors smile on hearing this question :) In this article you some recommendations tire. They are successfully used by our team NoMad Merida CST, and NoMad Merida CST (2)rooms CST ultra light They are great and easy to carry around during the race.

The Press Evadare It is the perfect occasion where you can try tire grip in off-road conditions. Why this? Because the terrain is rugged but not as challenging as the mountain where the tires have to be sure that you are suitable and provide suitable grip.

BikeFun and tires CST are this year main sponsor and technical partner of the contest. Virtually every check point of the marathon will benefit from technical assistance CST be it a feather or a spare room. And technical partner means that assistance will be completely free competitor.

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Range tires and camere CST It is extremely varied but we are interested in options for off-road wheels 26 inch, 27,5 and 29er. CST cover all these dimensions and in addition for each one there are different options each optimized for a specific profile Tread, of the dry and wet and slippery fast.



For example, CST JACK RABBIT It is the perfect option for a land route that can pedal at full speed, so fast that you likely will not be forced to stop supplying points :). These tires are available in 26 and 29 inch.



CST CABALLERO ie is suitable for soft ground and has poor adhesion. Available in 26 and 29 Caballero is well if it rains contest. In addition this tire also features technology EPS – EXCEPTIONAL PUNCTURE SAFETY which gives a super anti-feather.




On the other hand there are tires "all good". CST MTB ALL PURPOSE It is the option that has a profile suitable for speed, and adherence. Available in sizes 26 and 27,5 inch tire bead is being simple wire, and the composition Single Compound. But the price is quite affordable. Only 57 law All Purpose CST should be part of the arsenal of any bike enthusiast.

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