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Home Escape and other nomadic races 2018

They open enrollment Press Evadare 2018. This year is the anniversary edition of First Escape 10 year.

Ten years of Romanian cycling has changed for the better.
It is the 10th year the number of cycling competitions exploded with visibility, the number of teams, the number of participants or outdoor sports lovers.
The organization has also increased over the neighboring countries where the presence of their representatives.

Some competitions are not only specific competitions, but a festival to recall the joy of sport, not just stubbornness and provide a pleasant environment community and newcomers.
There are 10 years that through these independent events began to grow natural outdoor sports culture in Romania.

The 10th edition will be more news we will announce gradually. One will be the overall standings 10 years who have enjoyed and suffered with us on this journey towards forests and lakes north. If you have ideas you can write, As you did it every time.
Site: www.primaevadare.ro
Facebook: www.facebook.com/primaevadare

Transylvania Trails Bike Race (TBT Race)
Prepare your holiday that week. As usual from Wednesday, Each day will have its program. TBT Race devine ușor, USOR, a festival that besides competition and exits cycling will increase educational activities, traditional, culinary, cultural and historical related area and country life. Nature is 2000, with so many fortified churches and fortresses protected UNESCO, so historically, It is the perfect place for an active MiniVac in August.
The campsite specially arranged that week, the meadow of the hill will be even better conditions. However the number of accommodation in hostels and have increased almost Sighisoara.
This year will introduce the 3rd away so that they can participate and children and other family members.
For the first escape uphill prepare for 1300 of participanţi.

Site: www.tbtrace.ro
Facebook: www.facebook.com/tbtrails/

Urban Road Race and MTB Race on the BikeFest
Unique opportunity to compete on the roads in downtown, People around the house and even in her backyard, a route with level difference and quite adjusting to the easy road and MTB race. And there were about 1000 Subscribers. For 2018 I sized the competition 1200 of participanti.
The competitions are part of BikeFest, festival organized by the Green Revolution.

Site: www.bikefest.ro
Facebook: www.facebook.com/BikeFestRomania

Another contest became a classic and expected at the end of season. format Cross Country Olympic. It takes place at night in the spotlight and torches. It also had some improvements and will add more concursuleţe.
There will be live video streams that you already know.

Site: www.moontimebike.ro
Facebook: www.facebook.com/MoonTimeBike

currently both. Back details and best of luck to planned summer.

S-au deschis înscrierile la Prima Evadare 2018. Anul acesta Prima Evadare are ediția aniversară de 10 ani. Zece ani în care ciclismul românesc s-a schimbat în bine.

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